A warning to all retranslation groups

If you asked permission to retranslate any of our projects, it is common sense that you should follow our rules.

Some groups emailed us for permission and said they read our rules, but in their release, they totally ignored it. Like not including our credit page or using our released scans. :/

Why retranslation groups should include our credit page when they only asked for the “translation”?

Well a whole chapter is possible not because of the “translation” only but because it went to these steps: scans > translation > proofread > clean > typesetting > quality check. A scanlated chapter is not a work of the translator alone but because a lot of people worked on it. Even if you are not gonna use our scans, the translation was possible because of the person who scanned it.

Also, do not use our released scans. By released scans, I mean our completed chapter. Some groups used it without permission. Like using our released scans and they only erase the English text. That is seriously rude. Especially to the scanner or owner of the book.  And when the cleaner spent so much time cleaning the actual raw. Like dusting, leveling, cropping, rotating, etc. but if you use our released scans, it’s like you completely ignored the cleaner’s hardwork when you only erased the English text or totally skipped asking permission to use the raws from the scanner.

It’s hard to complete a single chapter. We look for raws, scans them or purchase the book if needed. Then we look for Japanese translator, English proofreader and editors who can do the chapter.

Please follow these simple rules if you want to retranslate our projects. If retranslation groups keeps on doing this, really, I won’t entertain any retranslation requests anymore. D:

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  1. You are so right… People should follow these simple rules because there are a lot of people behind that amazing job.
    Thank you for your hard work guys!

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