1. Do you allow sharing of your releases ?

We generally allow our PUBLIC releases to be shared with other online view communities and/or download communities. However, please make sure to follow the rules listed below when doing so:

  • Wait at least 24 hours before sharing it anywhere. I mean it. Cause we may had missed some errors in our releases (or credit page) which could be corrected within that 24 hours.
  • If you wish to share one of our releases with another community, please use the respective mediafire/mega link(s) provided by us.
  • Also, if you upload our releases in any of those manga aggregators, please don’t remove the credit! Don’t change the order of the pages!! Don’t put our recruitment and credit page at the last. That’s the least you could do if you really appreciate all our hardwork.

2. How about sharing your protected releases ?

 NO. We don’t allow anyone to share our protected-releases. This should make you understand that we keep the releases only in our private community.

3. How can I get access to your protected releases?

Most of our releases are for public and we like it that way cause we want to share it to everybody but there are some titles that we just can’t really share for public. So we decided to make a private community and to become a VIP member of the said private community,  you can:

  • Be a staff member.
  • Donate.
  • Provide the raws that we need.

Or any form of support. Please make sure you have a G+ account!

4. When can we expect new releases ?

We are unable to make exact announcements, but will post releases as soon as they are wrapped up.

5. How can I contact you ?

You can comment here, message us on tumblr or send us an email if you need to talk about something serious. All the mails/asks will always be answered. If your mail/asks were ignored, it’s because:

  • Your questions is something that’s already stated in our FAQ.
  • You’re being rude.
  • We didn’t see your question. Please send it again if you didn’t get any reply within 1 week.

6. The link is not working…

Please message us, so we can fix broken link(s) as quickly as possible.

7. Do you accept requests for new projects ?

Yes, why not. If you have scans you want us to translate, whether your own scans or others’, please let us know. Send us the link(s) using the following format:

Raws Link:

Send it to canismajor.scans@gmail.com with the subject: Request New Series


  • The acceptance of your request depends on how interesting the story is and how many staff are available at the moment.
  • If it’s your own scan, of course we will credit you.
  • If the scans didn’t come from you, please give us the detailed information from where or whom you got the scans.

At the moment, we are not accepting any requests!!

8. I want to join you!

Check the Recruitment page to see what you should do for joining our forces.

9. Your releases were offered to me in exchange for money. What is that about ?

All of Canis Major Scanlations’ releases are for free.  Any such webpage or individual is not part of CM Scans and does not have the permission to distribute our releases. We don’t have the responsibility for any lost money caused by that webpage but please let us know immediately if you come across a webpage or individual offering any of our releases in exchange for money.

10. Do you take any licensed projects ?


11. Someone stole your raws or released works.

Yeah, like we can do something about it. If you found any suspicious person tell us immediately.

12. Did you drop […] this series ?

NO. Unless stated otherwise, we won’t drop any projects that is listed in our on-going page.

13. Interested in one of our projects and want to do a JOINT ?

If you’re interested to do a joint with us, use the following format and send it to us:

Your Name:
Your Website:
Reason why you want to do joint projects with us:

Send it to canismajor.scans@gmail.com with the subject: Joint Project

Note :

  • If you are the one who propose the joint, the translations part will be done by your group [not always valid].
  • We will do double QC so you can release your own version to your website.
  • Both groups have to possess all the files (scripts + PSDs).
  • We always check the translation first before sending it to our editing department so if your script is not readable, we will tell you to fix it.
  • We prefer to release the joint projects at the same time so we need your cooperation on that.

14. Is donation necessary ?

To make this group active, we will need any form of support. You can donate or provide your own scans and it will be greatly appreciated  All funds received will be used in buying books/raws. As thanks, donors will be invited to our private community. Private releases includes download links of L-Titles, doujinshi, etc.


Still not sure? Just comment!


  1. Hey, eh, for start with it sorry because i’m not here to make any questions. I just wanted to say this is the best scan that i ever had the opportunity to read of. you know, i’m from brazil, and i’m still a student but my love for mangas yaoi and english were always strong, and i start reading at brazilians enslish and spanish scans too, and i was reading the Ten Count manga at mymanga.me and i just love it so much the notes and the translation that i had to come and thank directly to you people, you actually made people happy, and you are very good at it, such a great and hard work, it’s amazing i’m sorry for my terrible english. i’m not much the typing. But i just had to come here and somehow made you people know that, I LOVE IT and please, keep on doing that it’s worth it. And i know it can be much, but if you could just send me a message at my e-mail so i can know if you received or even understand it. Thank you so much, i love everything about this scan. Thank you for your time too xoxo Ellen <3

  2. Hey I just have a question ! What kind of software program do you use to clean or just do the scans ? 🙂

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