kagehina staff



 Name: Chihiro92
 Birthday: February 19th
 Nationality: Indonesian
 Position: Founder, Buchou
 Favorite Pairings: HijiGin, Hori/Kashima
 About: Umm I’m a curious person and a Sherlockian.
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: ikahomine
 Birthday: April 29th
 Nationality: Filipino
 Position: Editor, Quality Checker, Japanese Translator, Graphic Designer, Scanner, Webmistress
 Favorite Pairings: AoKuro, AkaKi, Kurose/Shirotani, 1827, Yoreki, KageHina
 About: Ten Count trash. Full-time Fujoshi. Professional procrastinator.
 Website/Blog: Tumblr | Twitter




 Name: Miniechie
 Birthday: April 5th
 Nationality: Filipino
 Position: Editor
 Favorite Pairings: –
 About:  I love dipping my cookies in coffee before I eat it.
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: Emy
 Birthday: May 26th
 Nationality: Sindrian (I wish XD LOL)
 Position: English Proofreader
 Favorite Pairings: SinJa, ZoSan, KiKasa, EnJa
 About: Just your average fujoshi 🙂
 Website/Blog: Tumblr


rin Name: Rin
 Birthday: April 8th
 Nationality: German
 Position: English Proofreader
 Favorite Pairings:
 About: A hopeless asiaphile.
Website/Blog: –



Name: rei1002
 Birthday: October 2nd
 Nationality: Cambodian
 Position: Editor
 Favorite Pairings: I don’t have one.
 About: Scanlating is my hobby^^
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



tama Name: Tama
 Birthday: January 6th
 Nationality: Japanese
 Position: Japanese Translator, Japanese Proofreader
 Favorite Pairings: Kuon/Nana, Yukina/Kisa, Maya/Nemu
 About: I’m a voice actor otaku!


rita Name: HamletRedDiablo (Hiatus)
 Birthday: April 4th
 Nationality: Italian
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: Riren, GinTaka, Spamano, RoChu, GerIta, MidoTaka, AoKise
 About: Well, do you know Sakata Gintoki?
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: Lam
 Birthday: August 8th
 Nationality: Asian-American
 Position: Japanese Translator, Japanese Proofreader
 Favorite Pairings: Yami Yuugi/Yuugi
 About: I’m Yu-Gi-Oh loving trash.
 Website/Blog: Tumblr


jerboa Name: Jerboa
 Birthday: October 11th
 Nationality: Vietnamese
 Position: Japanese Translator, Japanese Proofreader, Raw Provider
 Favorite Pairings: Seryou Touji/Shino Yuzuru
 About: Hibernating mode *ON* Polar bears~ Here I come~( ̄▽ ̄)
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: Mel (Hiatus)
 Birthday: June 17th
 Nationality: Asian
 Position: Japanese Translator, Japanese Proofreader
 Favorite Pairings: Too many to count.
 About: I wish I could get paid for reading manga.
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: YouichiMika (Hiatus)
 Birthday: July 17th
 Nationality: Malaysian
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: Morinaga/Tatsumi, Shinonome/Yukimura, Kuon/Nanao
 About: Translating sfx is a pain XD
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: misa
 Birthday: April 24th
 Nationality: Chinese mixed-blood :3
 Position: Japanese Translator, Chinese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: Anything from DMMd 😀
 About: I don’t talk a lot but I actually secretly love it when people talk to me :3 Anything is fine, you’ll be surprised to know how deep my tolerance is for all sorts of pervy or gory stuff >:3
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: Kyoko Sagaki
 Birthday: October 25th
 Nationality: American
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: Iwaki/Katou, Yokozawa/Kirishima, Kamijou/Nowaki
 About: Running on coffee and shame.
 Website/Blog: Site



 Name: klumnik
 Birthday: August 24th
 Nationality: Polish
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: KageHina <3
 About: I’m realy lazy, and I need to get a life 😛
 Website/Blog: DeviantArt



 Name: sync
 Birthday: Wouldn’t you like to know.
 Nationality: Scottish
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: KUROOTSUKI, OiTsuki, KageTsuki, AOKISE, AkaKise, KasaKise, EN/YUMOTO, SHIZAYA, IzaKida, RyuuKida, SOUYO, RINGISA, MAYUMIKO, UmeMiko and many more, but let’s just not.
 Website/Blog: –


autumn cat

 Name: Zoenna
 Birthday: June 28th
 Nationality: American
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: Aoba/Noiz (only one I could think of off the top of my head)
 About: Worked as an English teacher in Japan for a number of years. Now I like translating stuff for fun =)
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: Figar Infigare
 Birthday: August 4th
 Nationality: Filipino
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: MakoHaru, AoKise, KagaKuro Fumi/Shunpei and my most favorite pair is Maya/Nemugasa
 About: I like taking care of kids and babies. I’m quite good in dealing with people who have personality defects/disorder. I also in arts – painting, music and theater.
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: mariett4991
 Birthday: January 12th
 Nationality: Australian
 Position: Japanese Translator
Favorite Pairings: Haruto/L-elf, Shinkai/Arakita, Youichi/Misaki
About: Addicted to BLCDs, manga, seiyuus and anime!
Website/Blog: –



 Name: cocomiya
 Birthday: April 21st
 Nationality: Singaporean-Australian
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: Nezumi x Shion ftw
 About: Don’t think about life, think fun instead!
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: Wolftrey1113
 Birthday: November 13th
 Nationality: Hungarian
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: AoKaga fan here lol
 About:  Procrastinating eternally who loves drawing btw lol
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: vectørize
 Birthday: March 16th
 Nationality: American
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: MakoHaru, KawoShin, JohnDave, AkuRoku
 About:  腐男子 studying BL in college ー yep, I’m a guy!
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: WindWisp
 Birthday: June 1st
 Nationality: American
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: RinHaru, Elleo, KuroFai, Josh/Neku
 About:  Horribly indecisive.
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: Aodaishou
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings:



 Name: Hinako
 Birthday: October 23rd
 Nationality: Japanese
 Position: Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: MikaYuu, KuroShiro, SaruMi, Kurotani, SouTaku, KageHina and more 😀
 About:  Hardcore anime/manga otaku, fujoshi, a complete trash for mikayuu and kagehina. I like drawing and gaming too. :3
 Website/Blog: Tumblr


jin Name: Jin
 Birthday: June 23th
 Nationality: Singaporean
 Position: Chinese Translator, Chinese Proofreader
 Favorite Pairings: NaruMitsu/Wrightworth (Ace Attorney)
 About: ANIME AND YAOI IS MA LIFE. Seriously though, I don’t know how my life would be like without those two. Currently in uni as a fresher, huzzah \o/
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: Kitsuneko
 Birthday: June 16th
 Nationality: Asian
 Position: Chinese Translator, SOS Japanese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: –
 About: Loves cats and making music, nya ~
 Website/Blog: momonekojun@youtube





 Name: craybaeplay
 Birthday: May 31th
 Nationality: Malaysian
 Position: Chinese Translator
 Favorite Pairings: NoiAo, SasoDei, UsaMisa
 About: Human_xx
 Website/Blog: –



sweta Name: daringangel28
 Birthday: July 28th
 Nationality: I’ll leave this to your imagination.
 Position: English Proofreader
 Favorite Pairings: GinHiji
 About: A lazy masochist fujoishi otaku who only thinks about anime and manga. And also hatches plans as to how to land Sakata Gintoki  and Hijikata Toushirou in her bed! 🙂
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: Faelan
 Birthday: March 18th
 Nationality: Singaporean
 Position: English Proofreader
 Favorite Pairings: Gyro/Johnny, Griffith/Guts, Sakurai/Youichi, Dai/Jaihee
 About: My dream is to explore the ocean! I want to dive in blue holes (google it) and swim in underwater caves. Random fact: I’m one of those diehard Disney fanatics who will always believe the old movies are better. BECAUSE THEY ARE.




 Name: Lee
 Birthday: August 20th
 Nationality: Chinese-American
 Position: English Proofreader
 Favorite Pairings: All Haikyuu pairings
 About: Anime. Kpop. Social justice
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: Artie
 Birthday: September 2nd
 Nationality: British
 Position: English Proofreader
 Favorite Pairings: Whoooops everything
 About: Happy-go-lucky BL fanatic.
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: nathengyn
 Birthday: August 13th
 Nationality: Canadian
 Position: English Proofreader
 Favorite Pairings: AoKuro, HaruRin, SouRin, OiIwa
 About:  I mostly spend my free time doing (fan)art.
 Website/Blog: Tumblr




 Name: Chilifherii
 Birthday: April 4th
 Nationality: Filipino
 Position: Typesetter
 Favorite Pairings:
 About: Fujoshi, love’s Levi so much that she wishes he can meet him someday, run off with him and make our own little family… I get side tracked (mentally asking my self, “Who am I?” LOL).
 Website/Blog: Livejournal | Tumblr


joanna Name: Joanna
 Birthday: April 2nd
 Nationality: Vietnamese
 Position: Typesetter, Cleaner (if needed)
 Favorite Pairings: SouRin, MakoRin, HaruRin, uke!Rin, HijiGin, EreRi, UshiOi, KageOi, AkaKi, AkaMayu, uke!Mayuzumi
 About: BL IS LIFE. I am a sadomasochist and a fujoshi. Matusoka Rin from Free! is my precious shoujo angel from the heavens and I would protect him forever. I have a thing for bondage (especially collars) and dark themes. I took guitar for a year and violin for a few years. I am a writer and I love to read. I am pretty boring outside the internet life xD
 Website/Blog: Tumblr


del Name: Del
 Birthday: October 21st
 Nationality: French
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings: 8018
 About: Love cooking sweets and day-dreaming!
 Website/Blog: Livejournal | Tumblr



 Name: Nishi-chan
 Birthday: September 19th
 Nationality: Mexican
 Position: Typesetter
 Favorite Pairings: Kurose/Shirotani, Kyou/Rintarou
 About: In between open and closet fujoshi, mum who knows way too much about the human body, has a bit of a lolicon, and completely random at times.
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: Laddy
 Birthday: August 20th
 Nationality: Canadian
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings: CleAo, RenAo, MakoHaru, KageHina
 About: Addicted to video games, anime, manga, edm, commentaries and bl like the best of them. Soon-to-be Sequential Art uni student. Ironically, I’m asexual.
 Website/Blog: Tumblr




 Name: アリア様
 Birthday: July 5th
 Nationality: Chinese-American
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings: Riren, RinHaru, KageHina, TouMaki, HimuMura and infinite more
 About: Just a regular fujoshi with a penchant of playing otome and bl games. Avid shipper of sports/shounen animangas.
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: Himitsu
 Birthday: July 29th
 Nationality: Belarusian
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings: Squalo/Belphegor, Shiki/Akira, Liks/Shui
 About: Keep calm and love BL.
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: akero
 Birthday: January 7th
 Nationality: Asian-American
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings: GrimmIchi, KanoSeto, AoKise
 About: I’m basically a procrastinating and eternally tired otaku/fujoshi \(T▽T)/
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: arkaadija
 Birthday: September 30th
 Nationality: Latvian
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings: Kusakabe/Saijou
 About: In my life I try to understand how to exhibit and preserve process-based new media art. My main fields of research are – (self)sustainability, slow media and archiving as the source of big data. In my room I have fish living in an old bathtub and I’m growing salad and tomatoes in 3 liter jars – I struggle to understand what i’m doing with my life.
 Website/Blog: Site



 Name: Ashurii
 Birthday: October 1st
 Nationality: British
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings: ShIzaya, AoKise, RinHaru, ClearAo, KouAo, IwaOi, KeiAki, ShikiAki
 About: I refuse to believe Kamina is dead!
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: Minyaré
 Birthday: June 29th
 Nationality: Spanish
 Position: Cleaner, Redrawer
 Favorite Pairings:  Is it possible to choose? Hahaha. I guess KageHina, HijiGin, Bunny/Tiger, MuraHimu, Saki/Jun, Fum/Shunpei…Ufff, too many…
 About:  Cat lover, rock listener and avid online player and technology collector addicted to anime, yaoi mangas and blcd audios or mangacd edited videos.
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: JoAl
 Birthday: June 14th
 Nationality: German
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings:
 About: Love to read manga and play piano/guitar in my free time.
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: KK
 Birthday: July 13th
 Nationality: Australian
 Position: Typesetter
 Favorite Pairings:  Shinara, NatsuAzu, KuroKen
 About: My icon is an accurate depiction of what I’m like 99% of the time.
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: shizumaru
 Birthday: April 9th
 Nationality: Filipino
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings: MakoHaru, ReiNagi, KagaKuro, TakaMido, Kuroh/Shiro, Sebastian/Ciel… fuuu~~~~and there’s still too many to mention…
 About: I’m just your typical closet fujoshi and shameless otaku. Ah! But I also definitely love mysteries. Also wanna do my own manga.
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: Celesoran
 Birthday:  April 20th
 Nationality: USA
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings: I’m a slut for all ships XD
 About: My specialty is redrawing!! Also a 4′ 9″ secret fujoshi that LOVES sweets and has 8 cats♥
 Website/Blog: Tumblr | DeviantArt



 Name: カイラ
 Birthday: September 27th
 Nationality: Indonesian
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings: Almost ships everyone that has love-hate/S-M relationship XD
 About: Closet fujoshi who loves procrastinating while eating chips on bed.
 Website/Blog: Tumblr



 Name: Candi
 Birthday: October 22nd
 Nationality: American
 Position: Editor
 Favorite Pairings: All the things!
 About: Graphic designer, manga reader, kitty lover <3
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: RenLenox
 Birthday: January 1st
 Nationality: Alien
 Position: Typesetter
 Favorite Pairings: Hermm… no preference.
 About: Crazy and pervert person that loves BL
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: Milli
 Birthday: September 30th
 Nationality: Uruguayan
 Position: Editor
 Favorite Pairings: Yullen, Spamano, Nezumi/Shion
 About: Reading comes before eating~
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: Levi Natah
 Birthday: October 1st
 Nationality: German
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings: Threesomes!! KuroShiro, RinHaru, TakaOno & a lot more
 About: I shouldn’t listen to the voice in my head but damn…. It really has some great ideas~
 Website/Blog: –



 Name: Sezza
 Birthday: February 14th
 Nationality: Australia
 Position: Typesetter
 Favorite Pairings: Too many to count (And Kabu & Nirasawa from Kobi no Kyoujin)
 About: Otaku, Yaoi Lover, Cat Lady, Gamer, All round weirdo. ^_^
 Website/Blog: Site



 Name: Leimaymay
 Birthday: January 23rd
 Nationality: Filipino
 Position: Cleaner
 Favorite Pairings: Onoda/Deguchi, Kyouichi/Imagase, Kabu /Nirasawa, Mookyul/Ewon, Katou/Iwaki, Kasukabe/Misato
 About: I’m a Good person with a Bad attitude >:)
 Website/Blog: WeHeartIt



Ecstrinsic – Japanese Translator (MIA)
Kudou Usagi – Japanese Translator (MIA)
Latinaherba – Japanese Translator (MIA)
Milky96 – Japanese Translator (MIA)
Renge – Japanese Translator (Quit)
Uju – Japanese Translator (MIA)
Aly – Japanese Translator (MIA)
Yu – Chinese Translator (MIA)
銀妖精 – Chinese Translator (MIA)
Vivien – Chinese Translator (MIA)
Alice – Chinese Translator (MIA)
Erilicious – English Proofreader (MIA)
Tinkerbelly – English Proofreader (MIA)
Kazu – English Proofreader (MIA)
Daiki – English Proofreader (MIA)
Stomatic – English Proofreader (MIA)
Kura – English Proofreader (MIA)
Melly – English Proofreader (Quit)
Sareru – English Proofreader (Quit)
Kidu Kyo – Editor (MIA)
Mishi-Eru – Editor, Quality Checker (Quit)
Shione – Editor (MIA)
Pao – Typesetter (MIA)
Lena – Cleaner (MIA)
Leen – Cleaner (MIA)
pepegrillo – Cleaner (MIA)
Sasha – Cleaner (MIA)
Sparkle_Bunny – Cleaner (MIA)
Bell – Cleaner (MIA)
Kusakabe – Cleaner (Quit)
mikosoraa – Cleaner (MIA)
Yukiinu – Typesetter (MIA)
Pigeon – Typesetter (MIA)
TiffTiff – Typesetter (MIA)

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