[Announcement] Dropping Koe wa Shite Namida wa Mienu Nure Karasu

Unfortunately, we will have to drop Koe wa Shite Namida wa Mienu Nure Karasu by Unohana cause it’s already been licensed in English by Renta! and I honestly didn’t know about this. I’m sure it wasn’t licensed when we first released the first chapter but then again, it’s been like 7 months since then. :’D

The cleans for chapter 4 and extra are already cleaned too but too bad we won’t be able to complete this but then, good news is that you can read all chapters translated in English in Renta! right away! It’s digital so you don’t need to worry about the shipping and I’m sure it’s not that expensive…? $2 for 48 hours and $6 for unlimited rental? (did I get that right) And in the meantime, I’ll leave chapter 3 for 1-2 days before I take down all links and move it into our dropped list.

So yeah, I enjoyed working on it. Another good news is we will do Flaver by Sachimo with Fujoshi Bitches so look forward to that. Okay, I’m out bye~ ( ˘ ³˘)♥


  1. And here I was looking for the “April fools” that didn’t come up..
    Thanks anyway for your hard work!

  2. Renta probably has the worst manga quality and online reader yet, the typesetting is still bad better than before (before it was really bad) and the translation is odd.

    Love the manga but have to pass on Renta, I’ll wait for other publisher to pick it up for print or pdf that I can own instead of just rent.

    Thanks for introducing the manga to us and look forward to Flaver!!

    • I never really tried reading in Renta though I did check the free pages awhile ago of Koe wa Shite and yeah, I guess the quality is kinda bad and our version *cough* is much better *cough* lololol but yeah hopefully might as well another English publisher pick it up and release a physical copy! > < /

      • I still have 12 tickets sitting in my Renta account that I got sometimes ago (got pretty excited at first but thoroughly disappointed by its quality), waiting for improvement but never came.

        (whoops, replied at wrong section below).

      • Tooting your own horn much? I’m not saying your quality is bad, but I checked the sample pages at Renta and they’re not any worse.

        • trust fund brigade

          If the work from people that provide content for free is better than the one you paid that presumably done by a team of professionals whose job to do exactly that, that is alone is messed up.

          Also Makino, biting the hand that feeds you much? You don’t have to be an ass here or at least have the decency to do it on your own website.

          • I love it how people jump into concluding that the free work is better.
            Sure, it can be on par, but there isn’t much that goes into scanlating or releasing a digital-only version in general. It’s not some high qualification job, so it’s not surprising in the slightest.

            Scanlators work from passion, and I completely get and respect that.
            Renta is a business. The point is to pump out works, not care for them like your child. But I’ve checked recent releases of theirs and they’re much better than the crap they used to put out.

            Why would I be an ass on my own site? What’s the point? I’d like to voice my opinion here, thank you very much.
            I’m just tired of people dissing licensed titles just because they’re digital or because of some popular notion that the whole site sucks. I don’t want to see the whole thing collapse, because I care about the authors actually getting something for their work.

            And dude, I scanlate too. It’s a hobby, not some divine calling.

            • trust fund brigade

              Clearly you did not understand me, it’s not about free work is better it’s about how fans that work on stuff as hobby can produce better work than people that work on it for money.

              So what about the qualification for the job is not high? If it is than it shouldn’t be hard to find people that can do a better job at it. Scanlators work from passion and you know what, there are people that work on Renta stuff that used to be scanlator just ask the girl that own Hotcakes. Why does the quality suddenly decline when they get paid to work on manga.

              You voiced your opinion by dissing the group on their website by telling them “Tooting your own horn much?”… No, thank you.

              People are not dissing on licensed titles just because they’re digital. People dissing on Renta and if you’re tired of people dissing about Renta than you should just avoid reading comments or posts that has Renta mention on it, it bound to happen. Also Renta is really bad, both their content and their website now that you mention it (there’s even broken english pop out on their site and the newsletters and don’t tell me it’s because ESL, they want to cater to english audience at least get some qualified people).

              People pissing on Renta is founded you said it yourself their quality is not good. Are you happy spending money on sub par quality that you can’t even own just because of your reasoning “care about the authors actually getting something for their work”. If supporting the author is the only reason to buy from Renta and the short cut way to let the author “get some from their work” is to buy the book in Japanese or Japanese ebook (BTW for people that interested ebookjapan and Amazon jp offer excellent quality ebook).

              People buy book because they want to read and enjoy the content not for sole reason to support the author or the publisher or Renta. Since it is for enjoyment people would expect to get their money worth it or at least a decent quality of product that they spend on.

              Dude, nobody said scanlating is divine calling and nobody care that you’re a scanlator.

              • I was gonna ignore that comment cause I have better things to do but trust fund brigade, thank you. You said what I pretty much wanted to say as well.

                And Makino, of course I care about authors getting something from their work. I buy my favorite manga in Japanese, I buy merchandise. And that’s why we are dropping this. And what’s wrong with bragging our scanlation? We worked very hard on it. And it’s not like I’m announcing our version is better lol. I was just answering a comment and joked about it :’D

              • Oh, man. I did understand, but I guess you didn’t.

                Like I said, Renta did used to put out pretty bad work.
                This has changed, at least from what I’ve seen. It’s gotten much better and more professional. Again, it’s not a high qualification job, so it’s not surprising a scanlator can do it, especially if they care for the work and have a bunch of time on their hands.

                Maybe I was a bit curt, but what’s so great about spreading misinformation and saying Renta is bad? Now. Not in the past, but now.

                Oh, people buy books to enjoy them?
                You don’t say.
                To pay for the work instead of reading it online for free? A big part of it is wanting to support the author. Saying a platform they can do it on is shit (without so much as backing it up) isn’t a way to do it though.

                Aw, you’re so very touchy.
                I gave it as an example, because you clearly feel it is a divine calling.

              • I’d like to reply to “Canis Major” too, but I don’t see the option, so I’ll do it here.

                I know you care and I appreciate your hard work and dropping the manga.
                I never said your work was bad or that you can’t brag about it, but you did say Renta’s work is “pretty bad”. Who’d want to go check it out then? That’s my only problem with the situation.

              • trust fund brigade

                Oh Makino, you really did not understand. To me Renta is still bad, now. My proof or like you said “back up” just go to Renta and browse around. Renta has free preview, people can decide for themselves. Clearly we have different standard in quality.

                Just because people don’t spend money on Renta doesn’t mean they don’t spend money at all. So what if people missing out on the stuff on Renta because they hate the quality or dislike Renta for whatever other reasons, it’s their choice. There are other publishers that publish manga. Like I said before if you like Renta go ahead and enjoy it. Let the rest of us spend money on some quality books that we can really enjoy because we certainly are not enjoying Renta stuff. I’m not here to sway you, please enjoy what you like.

                I’m not touchy at all, but you certainty seem so. Brought up out of nowhere that you’re a scanlator, divine calling for example (example of what?) and not to mention go out of your way to be pissy at another group on that group website.

                I guess, there’s no point talking to Renta white knight that has low standard in quality.

                /me fly away to enjoy some manga that aren’t by Renta.

              • @Makino Heeey, I never said “pretty bad,” I said “kinda bad” :’D

                Also, yeah, you never said our quality is bad but you did say “Tooting your own horn much?” and honestly, I find that offending. You said “I never said your work was bad or that you can’t brag about it,” but when you said that phrase, it’s like you’re implying that we shouldn’t brag about it.

                And then, like I said, I was just replying to someone else’s comment, I’m not announcing to people that they shouldn’t read in Renta. If anything, I did say in my post that if they wanna read all chapters, then they can read it in Renta. And what can I do? When I checked Renta’s sample pages, I wasn’t that impressed, that’s why I said their work was kinda bad. It’s just a matter of preference so let’s just all chill. ( ˙༥˙ )

  3. Oh no. I’m so looking forward to you to complete this manga.
    Your translation&pic quality is awesome.

  4. I still have 12 tickets sitting in my Renta account that I got sometimes ago (got pretty excited at first but thoroughly disappointed by its quality), waiting for improvement but never came.

  5. And here I thought the new chapter finally came along.. Thanks for your hard work till now~

  6. Sorry but not going to support Renta.
    Still I want to thank you for your hard work so far, it’s really appreciated! ^^

    Btw, only one ch(+extra) is left?!
    You should release it…

  7. I’m so sad right now :((((
    But thank you so much for your hard work 🙂
    I am looking forward to your new project ^^

  8. No! I’m so upset((( It was the only way I could read this manga. T_T

  9. I’m sad but I understand ;-;
    I don’t like Renta!
    I prefer to download the mangas than reading on their page.
    I still prefer your version.
    But thanks for translating this manga ^^

  10. Just checked Renta and as Wag2wag said the typesetting is kind of awful. o.O
    Just want to say thank you so much for the hard work in this manga until now!

  11. Thank you for your work in this project! I dont buy digital manga…only printed..and renting manga seems awful because if the website/company goes belly up you lose your collection…I think it happened with that digital website of dmp…

  12. Butthurt Whiner

    Could you work on the future projects that you announced years ago instead of another new one…? ;_;

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