Kachou Fuugetsu



Title: 花鳥風月

Author/Artist: Shimizu Yuki

Type: Manga

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance


“It’s you who killed him, —- Daiki.”

Sabato is the town chairman of the town where Ito’s living as well as his landlord. Wearing suspicious black clothes from head to toe, he always holds a live “meeting” every morning. Sabato, who always surprises Ito, made a promise with Daiki, a potter who has a workshop in the town. Their promise is to kiss only once a day.


Volume 2

Chapter 8: mediafire || mega
Chapter 9: mediafire || mega
Chapter 10: mediafire || mega
Chapter 11: mediafire || mega
Chapter 12: mediafire || mega
Chapter 13: mediafire || mega
Chapter 14: mediafire || mega

Ch8-14: mediafire || mega

Extra Booklet (Chapter 14.5):  mediafire || mega

Volume 3

Chapter 15:  mediafire || mega
Chapter 16:  mediafire || mega
Chapter 17:  mediafire || mega
Chapter 18:  mediafire || mega
Chapter 19:  mediafire || mega

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  1. i really love shimuzu yuki sensei’s work, thank you for do this manga \\(^o^)//

  2. Thank you so very much for picking up this manga!!!

  3. Thank you a lot for continuing this manga, I love this mangaka author and this new series seems good too. Thank you for your work and your good translations.

  4. Thank you so much for the new chapter!

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  6. i picked this story from your facebook account, it’s really awesome! thank you for translating and please continue:) i am looking forward to reading it:)

  7. Ohmagosh!!! I can’t believe I just found this! I’m crying tears of joy. TwT Thank you so much for picking this up. <3

  8. Thank you very much for working in this manga! I understand you must be pretty busy taking care of all your projects, but it would be wonderful if you could update this one more often… I heard there are already 4 volumes in Japan… Anyway, THANKS, THANKS A LOT, and please go ahead with it!!!

  9. oh my god a new chapter yaaaaaaaayyy!!!!! i love this manga and the mangaka, ever since i read ZE (which i absolutely a.d.o.r.e.). thank you guys for translating it!! bye!

  10. Thank you for the new chapter!

  11. Thank you for the release!

  12. Thank you for this manga 🙂

  13. Did you drop this manga? If not, then when will be the new chapter?

  14. i just came back from Japan, and bought volume 4 and 5 of this manga…

  15. Hello, I see Kachō Fuugetsu still wasn’t dropped but last update was almost a year ago. Are you too busy with other projects? Hope you’ll work on it soon

  16. Thanks to the staff! I know they are busy but I miss this manga!!! 🙁

  17. Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!

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