Ten Count



Title: 10 Count | テンカウント

Author/Artist: Takarai Rihito

Type: Manga

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Psychological, Romance


When the President got into an accident, Shirotani Tadaomi met Kurose. On their very first meeting, Kurose could tell right away that Shirotani is Mysophobic and said that it’s pretty bad while suggesting it would be better to consult a doctor about it. Shirotani was left perturbed by the encounter. Who is Kurose? And how was he able to tell Shirotani’s condition?

Licensed by SuBLime




  1. thanks for translating it, i hope you continue doing so.

  2. Love this one. Thanks for translating!

  3. the plot is really interesting ><

  4. It’s been a long time since i found a story like this *^* thank you so much !

  5. Did they take down the links for volume two or they haven’t released it yet?

  6. Thank you a lot for this manga

  7. Are there any links to chapters 13-15?

  8. Oh. My. God. This is the best BL manga I’ve read in forever. Holy snap, I can’t handle how beautiful the artwork is (Kurose’s expressions~), and I love the premise in general. Though the switch from totally innocent in the first volume to full-on action in the second threw me off. This is amazing, thank you guys so much for scanlating this! I’m so glad you guys showed me this~

  9. Thank you for sharing this manga, love this story very much!

  10. the artwork of this manga is incredibly beautiful. the story is fascinating and has stolen my heart – and it’s all thanks to you. your scans are the best quality and the translation is just amazing. so thank you very very much for scanlating this 🙂

  11. Wait…
    Are you guys dropping this?!?!!

  12. Wait, is it really dropped?! Why?!

  13. Thanks for all the work until now, It’s been a pleasure to read you guys! (^-^)/ (Hope it’s licensed soon in my country too -not English native~-)

  14. thanks for translating this manga till now.. its very sad to know what happen to the manga today.. but i hope u will reconsider to dropped this manga ! i’m a huge fan of ur work (of translating i mean) n i’m hoping to read the continuation of this manga..

    • Hello! Thank you but aww, unfortunately, we can’t continue this anymore since we’re running a scanlation group and doing other titles, we don’t want to risk it. But it’s still being scanlated independently anyway. 🙂

  15. thank you for scanlating what you have! we really appreciate it! and in general like i’ve read many of the scanlations by this team so thank you!

  16. I came here just for ten count. Why it is dropped T.T u dunno how much i like it! I laughed At the commentaries before the chapters xd is there anything i can do to help? I really want to keep seeing more Ten Count T.T u guyz did an awesome job

    • Because it’s been licensed already by SuBLime. You can buy their books once it get released in August! That’s like next month already. 🙂

      It’s too bad we can’t scanlate it anymore cause I’d love to scanlate it using tankobon. But anyway, I’m sure latest chapters will still be scanlated by other people! :3

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