[Release] Secret XXX Ch2

Title: Secret XXX | シークレットXXX
Author/Artist: Hinohara Meguru
Rating: NC-17

Summary: After going through many hardships, Mito and Shouhei finally became lovers. Just when their love is starting to bloom, Mito begins to act strange for some reason. Shouhei still doesn’t know much about Mito so he can only sense Mito is hiding something from him. One day, Shouhei saw Mito with another guy in his car?! What could Mito be hiding? Can Shouhei keep his faith in Mito?

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Read Online: chapter 2

Note: Okay here’s chapter 2!! Last part but like I said before, there’s still a continuation of it (Relation XXX) but we haven’t really started working on it. Hopefully soon!! And hey!! It’s my birthday today lmao (now that’s sad lol). Happy birthday to me!! Now I feel stupid for greeting myself lololol. Also belated happy birthday to Cocomiya, Misa and Celesoran!!! (//´/◒/`//)

[Release] Shiawase ni Narunosa! Ch4

Title: Shiawase ni Narunosa! | We Will Find Happiness for Sure! | 幸せになるのさ!
Author/Artist: Kumonosuke
Rating: R

Summary: Komatsu lent money to a friend but was betrayed and abandoned by that same person. After drinking to drown his sorrow, he attempts to get home. On his way, he meets Ayumu drinking alone in a park. Ayumu was dumped by his lover, and what’s more, the one dumped him was a boy! After this fateful encounter brings Ayumu and Komatsu together, their love for each other begins to sprout and little by little, their love grows stronger and stronger.

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Read Online: chapter 4

Note: Whoa, sorry for the late update for this title as well. There’s still like 2 chapters left and an extra but I’ll make sure to release those soon too. Only needs to be typed anyway. Okay, enjoy!!! 

[Release] Do Do Do S-Kyuu Kareshi Ch4

Title: Do Do Do S-Skyuu Kareshi | He is an Ultimate Sadist | ドドドS級彼氏
Author/Artist: Aoyama Alto
Rating: NC-17
 Fujoshi Bitches

Summary: The super elite of the systems development department, the super sadistic section chief, Maezono Tamaki… is actually a super masochist. For the sake of doing his job efficiently, he has been earnestly concealing his real nature. However, Tamaki has a subordinate who confessed to him and wasn’t crushed, even when he shouted at him. Since then, he has been conscious of his subordinate, Sano, and continues to commit mistakes while working.

“I accept the punishment.”

Once, Sano started slapping Tamaki’s ass while smiling cheerfully…?! Is this guy an ultimate sadist with a puppy face?!

Download: mediafire || mega
Read Online: chapter 4

Note: Okay long time no update for this one again. Sorry  and belated happy birthday to Joanna, HamletRedDiablo, Chilifherii and Minie Chie!!! Actually, also to Rin and Shizumaru… belated happy birthday!! Though I wasn’t able to add their names in the greeting page (I’ll do that in the next release) cause I was really supposed to release this April 5!! But I was waiting for Crys to be available so we can release together but it got postponed orz. And then more people celebrating their birthday for this month in few days… so many!!! Anyway, don’t forget to say thanks to Fujoshi Bitches! Bye!

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