[Release] Colorful Line Ch4-5 + Extra

Title: Colorful Line | カラフルライン
Author/Artist: Ichikawa Kei
Rating: PG
Moi-xRyu Scanlations

Summary: Shousuke is always there to comfort his best friend Tomoki, who usually falls in love just to be dumped either way. But one day while out drinking, Tomoki jokingly confesses to Shousuke. And he, who has been hiding his true feelings for his friend for some time now, asks:“Who do you love more? Me, or your ex?”

Starting to cry, Tomoki says he can’t choose. And as Shousuke sees this, he can’t help but kiss his friend without much thought. What is going to happen between the two of them now their lips have touched…?!

Read Online: chapter 4 || chapter 5 || extra

Note: Another series ended. Hope you enjoyed it!

[Release] Hakuyou Ayakashi Gatari Ch3

[Canis Major]Hakuyou_Ayakashigatari_ch03_p001

Title: Hakuyou Ayakashi Gatari | Hakuyou’s Demon Tale | 白耀あやかし語り
Author/Artist: Ichijou Lemon
Rating: PG

Summary: Hakuyou is considered a heretic in his clan because of his white hair. At eighteen, he fled into the human world in search of freedom. There he met Shouji, a newspaper reporter, and while spending time with him, he got attracted steadily.

But it’s between a demon and human! What will be the outcome of a demon and human love story—?

Download: mediafire || mega
Read Online: chapter 3

Note: Sorry for the long wait yet again! We’re kind of busy for our Christmas release on December 25. Please look forward to it!! We’re planning to release quite alot on that day. Hopefully. Also belated Happy Birthday to Jerboa! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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