[Updates] Urgently need translators for these titles…


We  need Japanese Translators for these manga:


From left to right:

Kachou Fuugetsu  Silver Lining offered us scans so we decided to do this. We’ll start from Volume 2 onward.

Ichi Ni no San!  This is really a cute BL manga. This is complete already and we’re already scanning chapter 1.

Hananusubito  This has five chapters at the moment.

Taiyou  This has been in our future project since last year. It only has 3 chapters but we don’t really have enough translators so we kinda put this on hold.

Interested people, please check our recruitment page for more details or email us at canismajor.scans@gmail.com. We also need Editors for our other projects!! Please help us out if you want more updates!! ˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖

Also once I bought a scanner, I’m planning to buy Gentei Kareshi (so we can finally continue it) and Hitorijime My Hero but we don’t have enough funds so if you feel like it, please help us out by donating! Thank you very much! (/≧◇≦\)

[Release] Hakuyou Ayakashi Gatari Ch2

[Canis Major]Hakuyou_Ayakashigatari_ch02_p019

Title: Hakuyou Ayakashi Gatari | Hakuyou’s Demon Tale | 白耀あやかし語り
Author/Artist: Ichijou Lemon
Rating: PG

Summary: Hakuyou is considered a heretic in his clan because of his white hair. At eighteen, he fled into the human world in search of freedom. There he met Shouji, a newspaper reporter, and while spending time with him, he got attracted steadily.

But it’s between a demon and human! What will be the outcome of a demon and human love story—?

Download: mediafire || mega
Read Online: chapter 2

Note: Sorry for the long wait!! Also today is Del’s birthday (one of our cleaners). Happy birthday Del! ˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖

[Release] Extrastrous Ch1


Title: Extrastrous | エキストラストラ☆
Author/Artist: Himuka Tohru
Rating: PG

Summary: The agency Catherine is the company which sends so-called extras in real life. Yaegashi Taiga, a marvelous actor that has stage fright, tries his best to fulfill the requests he is given by this company. One day, he is told to work on a request with the newbie Amae Shizuku… But Shizuku has a secret and…?!

“Please come to our office if anything will support you throughout your daily life.”

Download: mediafire || mega
Read Online: chapter 1

Note: Finally it’s here!!!! This is a joint project with BangAQUA. And this time, it’s kind of different from all the titles we’ve done. Since it’s kinda Shoujo-ish. Hope you’ll enjoy it!!

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