Colorful Line


Title: カラフルライン

Author/Artist: Ichikawa Kei

Type: Manga

Genre: Shounen Ai, School, Slice of Life


Shousuke is always there to comfort his best friend Tomoki, who usually falls in love just to be dumped either way. But one day while out drinking, Tomoki jokingly confesses to Shousuke. And he, who has been hiding his true feelings for his friend for some time now, asks:“Who do you love more? Me, or your ex?”

Starting to cry, Tomoki says he can’t choose. And as Shousuke sees this, he can’t help but kiss his friend without much thought. What is going to happen between the two of them now their lips have touched..?!

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Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Joint with Moi-xRyu Scanlations



  1. This was really interesting. I would’ve if there was more. Got really attached to Tomoki and Shou~

    Thanks for the scans. Also wished I’d discovered you guys earlier. Your projects looks really great. Will lurk around >:)

  2. Aaaaah, so satisfyingly cute. I really enjoyed Tomoki’s personality. Shou-chan started a bit too prone to depression for my taste but he gets better – I liked the extra ^^. Thank you!

  3. This one doesnt hv download link available? 😮

  4. Hello! I’ve just finished reading this manga and really loved it. Thank you so much for the awesome work you’ve done.
    I have a little question and I hope you’ll read my message and give it a reply, here it goes : on page 4 of chapter 5 which is a recruitement page, there’s a list of manga and there’s one I’d love to know its name and its author if you don’t mind telling me. It’s the 2nd image on the first ligne. I would so much appreciate if you could tell me. Thanks in advance !

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