Sayonara, Heron


Title: Goodbye, Heron | さよなら、へロン

Author/Artist: ymz

Type: Manga

Genre: Shounen Ai, Drama, Slice of Life


Souji’s life has been a series of dull events, with his parents endlessly quarreling, until he comes across Mika, a carefree student who lives each day as it comes.

They start a relationship which banishes heavy words like “love” or “devotion.” They see each other occasionally, without making any promises and such.

But can an ordinary relationship make Souji say something like “I only got this far because you were with me” as Mika says “Who knows…”


Ch01-05 + Extra: mediafire || mega
Extra 2: mediafire || mega

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  1. Thank you CMS for this manga!! it’s very sweet, I think that it ends a little bit sooner, it would have been great if the autor would have published just another chapter more. Anyways, I really like it! 🙂

    Thank you for your great work!! <3

  2. Thak you CMS for this lovely manga!

    I really really LOVED IT!


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