So Cute?


Title: So Cute?

Author/Artist: Yukimura

Type: Manga

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life


Collection of Oneshots

So Cute? (Ch1-2)

Morizono is a wine dealer. His daily routine consists of taking pictures of Mon-chan, his beloved cat, to post on the blog and harbouring an unrequited love for Onodera, the chef of an Italian restaurant he’s currently working with. As per usual, he goes to the restaurant today but Onodera happened to find out that he’s the one running Mon-chan’s blog and there goes their fast approach!

When he thinks that his chance has come ‘cause he never expected that Onodera would visit his house to meet Mon-chan, he realizes that he loves him so much that he can’t bring himself to confess!!

Sayonara Bokura no Sekai (Ch3)

Marco and Gianluca are friends since their junior days and raced together until one day, Marco decided to stop at the age of 18. He felt like he couldn’t reach Gianluca anymore after he became a pro cyclist. One day, Gianluca came back to their hometown and got the proposition to take part in a Traditional Citizens’ Road Race, but he won’t participate unless Marco goes with him?

Mata Kite Shikaku (Ch4-5)

Ever since losing his parents, Nozomu has been living happily with his big brother, Yu and Yu’s lover, Mitsuo. And while he truly wishes for the both of them to be happy, he has trouble suppressing his own feelings for his brother’s lover…

When a man named Ichiya appears and claims to be Mitsuo’s supposedly dead half-brother, are their happy lives about to crumble?!

Michite Chirite (Ch6)

Bunkyuu Era, the last years of Edo period. The fights between the Bakufu and Joi patriots (people who were fighting for the expulsion of foreigners from Japan) have become really violent.

Shinichirou fights for the patriots, and one night, he accidentally cuts Shirase – whose teacher has been taken by the Bakufu people. Later, the two become closer, but how will their relationship develop?


Chapter 1: mediafire || mega
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Chapter 6: mediafire || mega
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