Title: Heichou to Shinpei no Ichinichi | The Corporal and the Recruit’s Day | 兵長と新兵の一日

Artist/Circle: 39614/Karasawa Toshika

Pairing: Eren x Levi

Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life


When the Special Ops Squad leaves Eren behind to deal with some administrative business, he finds himself alone with Corporal Levi, who he dearly admires and respects. They set about doing the squad’s laundry and chores, and with each passing moment, Eren finds his adoration for the Corporal increasing. Enjoy this sweet doujinshi about Eren and Corporal Levi spending the day together!

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Title: Nigakute Amai no

Artist/Circle: nine./mei

Pairing: Eren x Levi

Genre: Smut, Comedy


There are three important rules to follow when Eren is having sex with Corporal Levi: 1. No lights, 2. Don’t ever call his name, 3. The Corporal is always on top. Eren always feels empty after having sex with Corporal, like there’s no “feeling.” Eren then tries to make Corporal happy everytime they have sex, will he succeed ?

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  2. Links for Heichou to Shinpei no Ichinichi are dead.
    Can you please upload them again.

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