Gondwana no Nemuri


Title: Gondwana’s Slumber | ゴンドワナの眠り

Author/Artist: Aoi Aki

Type: Manga

Genre: Shounen Ai, Supernatural


On a class trip to a museum, Kasama takes notice of his classmate Takagi, who he knows doesn’t talk to other people much. But as the latter enters a curiously shining door and realizes Takagi can see “it” as well, even his interest in the classmate is woken.


Chapter 1: mediafire || mega
Chapter 2: mediafire || mega
Chapter 3: mediafire || mega
Chapter 4: mediafire || mega

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  1. will there be updates to this?

    • Hi! Yeah about that… the translator who’s in charge of this, Lam, is quite busy so the update is taking quite a awhile… but I’ll ask her again and she’s still busy, I’ll assign it to a different translator. c:

  2. This looks cool! *excited*

    • I see one key difference, dear Just Be….You ate the ice cream out of love.I ate the last donut out of gread…and maybe a touch of co;8ulsion&#p230mBut thank you for your kindness…and I do know the call of the junk food….I can completely relate to that! Obviously…

  3. Gosh, I adore Aoi Aki, such a wonderful stories. Really hope you update this one soon:)

    • Sorry about this!! Actually chapter 2 is almost done but I’m waiting for the translator to finish the translations for both ch3 and ch4 so that when we release ch2, the gap wouldn’t be that long again u __ u

  4. I adore this story. I hope ch 4 will be out soon! Thank you so much!

  5. Wahh… Chapter 3 ended on a cliffhanger….
    Thank you so much for scanlating this adorable series!!
    If it’s okay to ask, around when might you be releasing Ch.4?

    • Hello!!! You’re welcome! And ugh. So sorry for the super slow update. I’m still not sure when to release cause the translator is not yet done translating it. Though I just contacted her now to ask if she’s still gonna do it or just gonna assign it to someone else.

      That aside, actually, I think this manga is in hiatus or something (in Japan) cause the available raws is only up to chapter 4. So technically, we only have 1 chapter left to do.

  6. Thank you so much for the release!

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