Kami-sama Onegai!



Title: Kami-sama, Please! | 神様おねがい!

Author/Artist: Mio Junta

Type: Manga

Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Slice of Life


Kami-sama Onegai! (Ch1-2)

It’s been 3 months since Aoba, a year high school student, started going out with his classmate, Takahiro. Compared to Takahiro who’s popular and cheerful, Aoba is tongue-tied, so he’s always worried that Takahiro might get fed up with him. One day, on their first shrine visit of the New Year, after wishing to always be by Takahiro’s side… he grows cat ears and a tail the next day―?!

Happy Delivery (Ch3)

The novelist, Makita, whose dull life is stuck with plots and deadlines, only has one thing he looks forward to every day. And that is meeting the delivery boy, Shiba, who comes to deliver him food every day. Makita finds him clumsy, cute and forgetful, but is it true that he’s just as clumsy as Makita thought? What’s the reason for him doing so?


Chapter 1: mediafire || mega
Chapter 2: mediafire || mega
Chapter 3: mediafire || mega
Chapter 4: mediafire || mega
Chapter 5: mediafire || mega
Chapter 6: mediafire || mega
Extra: mediafire || mega

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