Voice or Noise


Title: ボイス・オア・ノイズ

Author/Artist: Enjin Yamimaru

Type: Manga

Genre: Yaoi, Drama , Romance, Supernatural


When Shinichiro’s beloved dog, Flappy, starts acting up and disobeying commands, his trusted vet gives him a strange and unexpected referral: he sends Shinichiro to his long-time friend, Naruasawa, a college professor who can apparently communicate with animals. At first Narusawa denies that he has this special skill, but a snarky, talking, black cat gives away Narusawa’s secret and reveals that Shinichiro may have this special gift himself… and soon Shinchiro is hell-bent on becoming Narusawa’s “pupil.” Will Narusawa give in to his advances? And if he does, will Shinichiro come to regret it?


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Chapter 11: mediafire
Chapter 12: mediafire || mega
Chapter 13: mediafire || mega
Chapter 14: mediafire || mega
Chapter 15: mediafire || mega
Chapter 16: mediafire || mega
Chapter 17: mediafire || mega
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  1. I just found out today that you have been doing this proyect, thanks a lot for continuing where the license left It, 🙂
    Thanks a rhousand

  2. thank you so much for continuing the scalations of this series, i love it, and although i have some raw i dont understand anything jajaja so really thank you 😀

  3. Hello! I forgot to tell you this but I will post. I’ve the chapters of this series in Chara Magazine. Wanna me to give them to you? They are from Chara August 2013 to December 2014. If you need them let me know.

  4. thank you for picking up this manga! i recently discovered this author, and i really like her style:) bye!

  5. Can’t wait for the Next update!~
    I’m dying to know more.. Thank u guys 4 your hard work!~

  6. May you Re-Upload chapter.12 please?? :'(

    • Hi. I hope we can release the other chapters soon! It’s just that we have so many things to take care of… but soon. For the upload… eeppp sorry! I’ll try to reupload them asap… but just that I’m really busy these days… so maybe in next week or something orz

      • Hi! i just read the translated volumes of this manga, it has a nice flow and i’m happy to see that you are the ones translating it. i hope you will relase a new chapter soon, i miss my boys already :3 thank you!!

  7. Thank you a lot for picking up this awesome manga 😀

  8. Thank you so much scanning this series. Ch12 links are down.. 🙂

  9. Are you going to continue this series? 🙂 I couldn’t find the the raw of vol 4 and vol 5 anywhere…

  10. Do you want Vol 4 (which you are doing now) to Vol 6? the Series been completed in Japan. I found where to buy them before I found you guys. I know you guys are slowly working on projects.

    Just let me know it might take me a month of two cause of an anime convention next month. But I look forward to having this series finished. :3

    • Heeeey, I’m so sorry for the late reply!!! I just read this now orz

      And oh so it’s already finished in Japan? That’s good. Actually, yes, that would be very nice. Like I said before (when someone asked me about VoN), the reason why I haven’t released the following chapters (even though they are ready) is cause… I’m really confused about the chapter numbering. I wanna follow the Japanese version of course but then, some of the scans we used were Chinese and the chapter numbering there is not the same (we’re not using Chinese scans anymore) but I really don’t wanna abandon those chapters cause they’ve been already cleaned and typesetted so I guess I’ll go with that. But I’m still confused lol. Anyway, I think it would be nice if we can talk in email instead. I hope you see my reply (since it’s so late omg) and just send us an email regarding VoN. Thank you!! 🙂

  11. OMG! Just reading through all of the comments about chapter scans, who has them or where to get them, makes me super excited. I bought the 3 volumes published YEARS ago under Blu and was so sad when they closed shop and sold back all their licenses thinking that I’d never get to see the end of this great story. So, I am very thrilled to see you working on it. Thank you so very much!!! I greatly anticipate more VoN from you and hope you are able to complete the project. *super giant hugs*

  12. Machelle Eldridge

    I’m glad you guys are doing this, after what happen with Blu. Sadly I thought I would never get chance to find out what happened next. Keep up the good work

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