Title: Imitator

Author/Artist: Katou Setsuko

Type: Oneshot

Genre: Shounen Ai


Satomi is your average older-uke salaryman, a hard worker guy type. When one of his co-workers, Oikawa, approaches him, he finds a resemblance between Oikawa and his son – who turned out as the same age as Oikawa. Later when Oikawa invited himself to infiltrate Satomi’s house, he makes a shocking confession enough to make Satomi falls for him.

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  1. older uke *meliting*
    thank you so much for sharing your hard work

  2. love this mangaka’s work so much (*u*) i want to read the rest of the manga this one-shot is from xD so cute~ wonder if there’s any stories about his son, he was hot lolz

  3. Katou Setsuko is awesome, thank you so much for scanlating and sharing her work! :D:D:D:D

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