Samenai Yume


Title: Unawaking Dream醒めない夢

Author/Artist: Step Lab, Tatsumi Doroko

Type: Manga

Genre: Yaoi, Horror, Psychological


Kaname lost his older brother Souta in an accident, too young to die at seventeen. They are so different from each other that the only thing common between them is a book written by Tsujiura Ryousuke. What happens when Kaname meet Tsujiura-san, the author both brothers respect and admire, after Souta’s funeral?


Chapter 1: mediafire || mega
Chapter 2:
 mediafire || mega

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  1. This is soooooooo interesting? It reminds me of Embrace the Sky and Sleep (I forgot who the author is..Kyyugou?), but those are about twins. Anyways, teehee, I will read this right away! <3

  2. Wao…. Actually I have seen it long ago, I wrote the review for it (of course by my language). I was surprised to know that you did it, very surprised LOL

    Incest is my favorite. This manga interesting and weird. It’s threesome, neh? Uke love seme, brother love uke. I don’t sure about seme, seme love brother, sleep with him, but don’t feel he fall in. Seme sleep with uke, uke alive, so have a future for both of them, right?

    By the way, thank guys for hard word. Love you, love translator, editor, scanner, cleanner…bla bla….

    Ps: I’m right, see your complete projects, I was read and wrote the review for several manga LOL

  3. My bad, almost forget, I is always looking forward your other works, can’t wait any longer >””<

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