Uwasa no Futari


Title: The Rumored Couple | 噂のふたり

Author/Artist: Megu Iroha

Type: Oneshot

Genre: Yaoi, Romance, School


Mouri and Yura’s friendship is plagued by constant rumors, the most famous one being “They are a couple”. One day, when a girl asks Mouri out, the school spreads a rumor that they had a one-night stand; Yura gets jealous, and kisses Mouri in order to make one of their rumors true – that they have kissed. Will Mouri ever realize Yura’s feelings for him? Will they be able to regain the comfortable friendship they once shared or will it fall apart?


Chapter 1: mediafire || mega
Chapter 2: mediafire || mega

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  1. I like this one! 😀 I’m excited. Thank you for the hardwork!

  2. they are so cute <3!! thank you for your hardworks!!^^

  3. Thank you for the release and all your hard work!!!

  4. thank you for your hardwork! i love this one sooo much <3 <3

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