Read online works again

Hello!! Sorry, not another update, it’ll take a few more days;)

This is just to tell you all that the read online option is up again. Only for The volume 5 chapters for now (chapters 26 to 32), I’ll be uploading the previous volumes little by little. You can find the link in each update post and I’m updating the links in the project post (where all the volumes are together) right now.
I’m not using the usual reader anymore, because it’s down, so I’ve uploaded the pages to Google drive, so you all of you can read without downloading the zip from mega. I find it more comfortable.

Thanks to Rei for giving me a hand, and even recording a tutorial so that I’d understand how to prepare the folders properly 😉


  1. Hi, since this is an update about the online reader, I’ve noticed that all the readers on sites are down, including yours. Do you have any idea what’s happened? There don’t seem to be any kind of updates anywhere I can find.

    • Hey! I don’t know what has happened, to be honest. I’m trying to solve it, but it just seems dead. I’m waiting on an answer that could solve it or not, who knows. If I get none in a few more weeks, I’d start uploading every chapter of every manga to the drive (only Hanakoi is up now as it’s the only one I’m working on), but it’ll take quite some time, so I’d rather wait a bit to see if the reader comes back up. Fingers crossed 😉

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