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Interested in being part our lovely, awesome and magnificent forces? What are you waiting for? Get those fingers moving and send us a mail!

Buuuuuuuuuuuut before that, we’d like to give you some friendly tips and instructions.

1. Please use a mail address you are comfortable using, as it will be used to gain access to our drive hosting the scans you will be tasked to work with. Also, please keep in mind that only our staff is granted full access to the drive.

2. We would like you to create or use an existing G+ account to be invited to our private community (freelancers and staff only). G+ makes for the bulk of our communication with each other, be that in regard to distributing and discussing work, or just friendly chitchat with one another.

3. We set deadlines for each job, but the amount of time one has always depends on that person’s circumstances. That’s why we ask you to be honest with us and tell us how much time you think you need upfront.

4. We are offering training and help to those who are new to scanlating. We love to help newcomers, so don’t be shy!

5. All members of Canis Major are hardcore yaoi fans, so we are most definitely normal! You are in the right hands~!!

6. Also please think about it very carefully if you really want to join (and learn) and not because you’re just curious or joining half-assed since we had many members who joined but just went MIA (missing-in-action) on us. We want long-term members. If you’re just gonna go MIA without any word (cleaners and typesetters), then don’t bother to join. Please.

8. Before you apply, we would like you to take this following test. But no worries! We just want to get a quick glimpse at how you approach work, so go at it and relax. tumblr_inline_mgpc0s7AKD1qdlkyg Note: That goes for you too, newcomer!

Done reading? Then let’s get to business!

JAPANESE TRANSLATORS – FOREVER OPEN (Chinese translator is closed for now)

– Translating from Japanese/Chinese text into English.

– For Japanese, we mostly work on manga without furigana on the text so you have to able to read Kanji for applying to this position!



– Fixing grammatical errors, must be a native or those who are experienced in English grammar.

(We do have a test for English proofreaders but just email us first if you’re interested.)

CLEANERS – OPEN (For now, with experience only!!!)

– Removing all text from the speech bubbles, sfx, dirt, etc.

– Level the scans, rotate, crop, re-size, cloning, re-draw, dusting, etc.

– We only work with PHOTOSHOP.


TYPESETTERS – OPEN (For now, with experience only!!!)

– Putting the translated text into the right bubbles/boxes.

– Must have a variety of knowledge when it comes to fonts and can beautify the sfx.

– Follow this guide.



– Editors do both cleaning and typesetting , plus some minor editing if necessary. Previous experience is necessary.



Fill out the needed information and send it to canismajor.scans@gmail.com with the subject Join Us (Desired Position):

Desired Position:
Experience: (if you have)
Website/Blog: (if you have)
Reason why you want to join CM: (we’re just curious ^^)

Please take note that we mostly work on BL/Yaoi so explicit stuff/scenes are inevitable. Make sure you’re comfortable working on it!


  1. Hey, I am pretty sure you’ll just discard of this application, however I want to send you one anyway, My interest in the Yaoi section is perhaps a little to much. I felt inspired to study Japanese, and currently taking the high School Japanese exams.

    I am from Denmark(+1 timezone) and I’ve been studying english since I was about 5 years old, which is a very long time ago, a little above 20 years.

    If you find that you can use me for translations etc. I will be more then happy to assist you Cause I happen to love Anime, but preferably Yaoi.

  2. Hello Marlene! Yes, I would prefer if you email us instead but thanks for commenting.

    If you’re interested to be a translator, please email us at canismajor.scans@gmail.com and (not really a test) but please take this test (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oU-Mp_b4Sp24g7OUqxRITioa-dsMDxwHdy8coO2auWk/edit) cause we just want to see you translate.

    If you’re done, send your details, along with the test result. ^ ^

  3. Hello, my name is Sara. I am a Canadian, born and raised. I am interested in being an editor. I have no experience what so ever, due to the fact that I am a high-school student. The reason I wish to join is because I see a lot of mis-translations occur and it is quite difficult to understand what is happening. So I would like to help fix that so my fellow English readers can enjoy Yaoi to the fullest. Timezone : GMT/UTC – 07:00 hour with Daylight savings GMT/UTC – 6:00.

    To be 120% honest, I do not really have a lot of time to do translating and other stuff due to my schooling and other activities. But if you need someone to help out with some editing I am all for it.

    I support you guys all the way, and I love all of your Yaoi’s. Please contact me back. Keep up the amazing work.

    Until next time – Sara –

  4. Hi Sara! If you want to try editing, I suggest you to take our cleaner or typesetter test first. Since for now, we only accept experienced editors. 🙂

    If you’re interested, please take the test (up there) and email us at canismajor.scans@gmail.com with the test and the info we needed up there. And read the steps carefully. Good luck!

    • I have the typesetter test open. But I have no idea where to write anything, I have never seen a test like this before. Can you please explain how it works. I have read through all the instructions and examples, and I still have no clue what I need to do.
      – Sara –

      • Hey Sara! Woops sorry I forgot but our typesetter test is only with experience at the moment cause we really don’t have much time to train people.

        Our cleaner test is open though. You need Adobe Photoshop to proceed with the test. Explaining here is kind of hard though so please email us because it’s much easier to talk there.

  5. Hello, I’m here to ask a question. Are newbie cleaners accepted?

  6. are you all in need of a scanner. I have a scanner that scans at dpi 600

  7. Is there any typesetter position availlable?

  8. do we need to be 18 years old to apply?

  9. Is there a certain age one has to be to apply for a position?

    • We’re really not that strict when it comes to ages of those who are joining as long as they are “capable” of their work.

      But I guess not below 12 years old lol we had one before and it kinda caused us a problem… (well I guess it’s because she wasn’t that capable enough anyway) so yeah :>

  10. I am an avid fan of BL manga. I know basic Japanese and English is our second language. I will very much like to be either translator or proofreader.

  11. Ahh, so I am taking the cleaner test, and I cannot read the instructions included in the download so I am not sure I am doing it correctly. I have your tutorial open on how to clean but now that the test entails.

  12. I just love u guys/girls <3 I´d be pleased to be part of this group. I don´t have experiencied as cleaner, but as long as I see I could learn from your guide :B
    I don´t really know a lot about PS but your guide is really helpful ^^ The only things I don´t really get it´s resizing an image and how to redraw(like an arm is beyond a text or sfx) in Ps. Oh, and I have a graphic tablet, don´t know if it´s important but well. Thanks for your hard work! <3

  13. Hi!! I’m glad our guide helped you! 🙂

    Resizing… you need to remember always change the resolution first and don’t hit OK yet, make sure you change the width too then after that, hit OK.

    Cause when you change the resolution, the width gets smaller. For example your scan’s original width is 2000px and the resolution is 300. If you lower the resolution from 300 to 72, the width gets smaller so you need to change it to 900px then hit OK. :3

    For redrawing, there’s many ways to redraw, like in my case, I use pen tool or manually use brush with the use of my mouse. (since I don’t have a tablet) but if you have one, then I think that would make the redrawing for you much easier. 🙂

    Anyway, if you’re planning to apply as cleaner, you can just email us and I’ll give you more tip there since it’s much easier to explain things when I can show you some screencaps. 🙂

    Good luck!

    • You were so helpful! <3 I understood after trying a lot of things because I didn´t even now ps shortcuts jaja XD . If I´m honest I didn´t get what you mean at first, I was so confused, but now I think I get it ^^ Thank you <3

  14. Ahaaha that’s good then! 🙂

  15. I already sent my detail to your email. Please check (^w^)

  16. hi! i want to apply as cleaner, but can’t seem to download the cleaner test… ~_~

  17. hello, I’m interested in being a cleaner but i don’t have any experience and i’m still a high school student.

  18. Hi, my name is Mika and I want to apply for a typesetter, I’m from Peru (+5), I’ve got a little experience in spanish scans, but I know enough english to work with you. Well, I got to know you when I started reading Ten Count in english cause spanish scantlation didn’t upload, and I always loved your work. So clean, beautiful and neat. I would love working with this team.
    Good luck!

  19. hi i would like to know is newbie cleaners are accepted.

  20. do you have to be experienced to be an editor?

  21. i cant take the test 🙁 because my computer cant open the file, how do i take the test?

    • Hi! Yes, you need to have experience to be an editor… someone who worked for scanlation groups before. So if you’re new, I suggest to take the cleaner test instead and we’ll start from there.

      You need WinRar program to unzip it. Just google it and you can download it for free.

  22. hi i just sent an email to apply as translator ^^

  23. /still waiting/

    • Hello! Omg… I’m very sorry. My Jpn pr is actually done checking your translations but I haven’t really seen it nor talked to her completely about it cause the month of March got me very busy irl (thus neglecting CM a bit) but I’m trying to catch up with things now! I’ll get back to you soon again!! Thank you! 🙂

  24. Hello i need help! I would like to take the cleaner test but I cant seem to download or open the file.

  25. Um, is your cleaners spot still open, because I’ve sent an application to the e-mailaddress but I haven’t had a reply yet.

  26. I actually made an application form in gmail… I dont know if u already saw it, so yeah… xD

  27. Hello , my name Is Zachary (but you can call me zac) & I’m a 16 y/o student, and English grammar is my specialty! I can alo do a little bit of an editing as well!. I live in the Middle East In a country called ‘Jordan’ because of school work, my timezone is ‘UTC+02:00’.
    I’m a big fan of Shounen Ai Manga, always been, I don’t mind which position I’m going to be in, as long as it has to be with simple editing or English related! I’ll be happy with what ever since I’m planning to be a manga artist! Anyway hopefully you guys will accept me as a member!! I’ll be waiting patiently for a response.

  28. Ummmm, yes I’m actually still interested on joining so yap!! Can I take it?? Thanks 🙂

  29. Umm…. Hello is it ok if 15 below will join the staff recruitment? ~_~?

  30. Hi,

    Just a quick question. Are you guys still active?, since I want to do the cleaner test and send it to you. I’m interested in joining that’s for sure!!

  31. Welp just submitted the proofread today, Sorry if it’s late, It’s just that everytime I submit it my comp crushes and I should give the form to you last month but because of some bugs…
    Really sorry….

  32. Geugoryeo Illianna

    Umm…i just wanna ask this. Is you just translate JP language? I mean is there another language? Maybe like Korea

  33. Hello i was wondering if the Typesetter is available i know it says close but i was wondering when it will open up again

    • Hello! Well, I guess for now, we are only accepting experienced typesetters (as in worked for other groups already). If you have experience, you can send your work samples then I’ll give you a trial test. Just email us and include your name. :3

  34. I was wondering what spots are good for a newcomer like me! I wanted to help out since I read a lot of yaoi/bl that were scanned by you guys!

  35. Hiya, i am very interested in applying as a translator or editor/cleaner, have experience with all and am comfortable with labelling myself as fluent in Japanese. However I really find myself needing to ask – must you erase the SFX? T____T the sfx is part of the art of a manga, i recently read all of what’s translated of tencount (i think by you guys but not sure) and the lack of japanese sfx was saddening and also maddening. Would love to help clean up and edit but feel very against removing SFX! Is it a non-negotiable area for you guys? Thanks and sorry for weird question.

    • Hello!!! Thanks for taking an interest! And about the SFX… yeah. We erase and translate all SFX cause, well, we’re scanlating Japanese manga to English and leaving SFX un-translated/edited feels like it’s not completely scanlated to English. However, I do understand what you mean by sfx is part of the art of the manga. Since before, I was kind of reluctant to erase SFX as well but then I noticed readers don’t really pay attention to SFX that are not edited (even if there’s a small translation at the side) and thus, sometimes they didn’t understand (or can’t feel) the action in those pages (if you get what I mean lol). But of course, we type SFX closely to the original SFX so I see no problem with that. :3

  36. Hello! My name is Anatoly, and I have been reading Ten Count recently (started at the beginning of this year!) And I was wondering if there were any positions open that I would be able to fill. I know English very well, was placed in advanced English classes throughout my school year, and Chinese is my second language. I also have a Windows computer, so I would be able to do technical things if needed! Really, I would be comfortable with doing most anything, even if it is just a small job. Thank you!

    • Hello Anatoly!!! Glad you’ve became a fan of Ten Count! Though we already dropped it since it’s been licensed. Well, we are looking for a reliable English proofreader so maybe you could try that? Just send us an email at canismajor.scans@gmail.com then I’ll give you a trial chapter. If you want to work on editing, well, try watching some tutorials first (how to clean) then you can take the test in the recruitment page. Good luck! 🙂

  37. Hi! I applied a month ago and also sent the attachments as an editor. So far it’s been a month and I still haven’t gotten any reply :O Anyhow, I’ll just ask if the recruitment for editor is still open because I am still hoping that I’d be of help 🙂

  38. Hello, Canis Major.
    I’m here to apply as a skilled typesetter. Do you still accept new typesetters?

  39. Here’s my application!(ΦωΦ)

    Country/Nationality: I’m originally from Canada.
    Desired Position: Type-setter (if that position is still available)

    Experience: (if you have) I have some experience with type-setting. I started translating a Yaoi manga before, and I cleaned up all the pages, and so on.

    Reason why you want to join CM: (we’re just curious ^^) I want to join CM because I want to put my ‘editing skills’ to use. I have minor experience with cleaning pages, but I have a better experience with type-setting.

    Thanks in advance!

  40. HI… I have passed my application since almost a month ago… I just want to know if the result of the application? i hope you can reply with my application for typesetter… thank you….

  41. Hello! My name is Mariam (call me Mari/Mimi for short☞  ͜ʖ  ☞) I happen to read a lot of your project and I wanted to help the people that let me read online!*I am talking about you guys* I am moroccan so I speak english and french fluently and I have some experience with PS so I would like to help with Cleaning and Typesetting!I am always available since I am a night owl and I wake up early (I am homeschooled so I take online courses btw) I can help whenever so feel free to contact me(づ♥Ꮂ♥)づ

  42. Hello
    My name is Amber. I love reading your stuff, and was I was wounding is a typesetting potion was still open. I do have experience.

  43. Hello! I was looking to apply as a “Cleaner”, but the Test Zip file is not working, my Photoshop cannot open it. Photoshop keeps saying “this is not the right kind of document”. is there a different Software I should be using to open it?
    (I also tried Illustrator, make sure I exhausted my options)

  44. Hello My name is Erin, I used to clean for the Dayment scans group. I was wondering if this group was still looking for cleaners?

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