[Release] Amai Koi no Sodate Kata Ch1-2


Title: Amai Koi no Sodate Kata | How to Raise a Sweet Love | 甘い恋の育て方
Author/Artist: Kikuya Kikuko
Rating: NC-17

Summary: “Your love will come true if you wear clothes from Sturm.” Ooba works at the rumored clothing store, Sturm. And he’s started a physical relationship with the owner, Miya. After a while, Ooba starts hoping to obtain not only Miya’s body, but also his heart, however…?


Chapter 1: mediafire || mega
Chapter 2: mediafire || mega

Read Online: chapter 1 ||  chapter 2

Note: Whoa. My net’s been really shitty so I only got to post now… but it’s better late than never. Happy New Year guys!!! How was your New Year?? (●´∀`●)

The past year has been kind of… okay I guess? And a bit slow I guess orz. I counted our releases for the year 2015 (by date though and not including double or so chapters) and the total is 68. I hope we can double (or triple) that by this year mwahahahah!

Anyway, another new series again! You  must be thinking we keep on releasing new titles instead of finishing our on-going titles first lol. For our other on-going series, we are working on them diligently. Promise!! I’ll make sure to release all the remaining chapters of Gentei Kareshi, Magic Mail Chocolate, Mousou One-Room, Shuden Elegy and Ichi Ni no San! very, very soon. I’m just kinda slow since I get distracted a lot. Woops. Then we’ll continue Toshigoro no Otokonoko to Are and Tsuzuki wa Mata Yoru next. Since those two titles do really have continuations actually (we thought they are only oneshots before). Also Yuuwaku Recipe, Hitotsu Yane no Shita no Kedamono, Voice or Noise and Koisuru Intelligence (this manga is so evil so might take a lot of time lol). Did I forget something? :’D

As for the rest of the on-going titles, even if we do want to finish them right away, either they are actually still on-going in Japan or it’s a joint with another group. And if it’s a joint, we can’t really do anything about it since we are just going along with the other group’s schedule. But keep in mind we are still working on them and we didn’t drop it! We announce it if ever we are gonna drop something (like with Ten Count).

Before I forget!! I really wanted to release this yesterday since it was Tama’s birthday!! Belated Happy Birthday Tama-chan (January 6th)! Or maybe it’s still your birthday in your time? Haha. And then, belated Happy Birthday too to RenLenox! (her birthday was on January 1st actually) and then Happy Birthday (now) to akero (January 7th)!!!


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  1. (●*’v`*人).o0[*ТНДЙК уОЦ*]

  2. thank you !

  3. Thank you, guys! And Happy Holidays!
    I’m very glad to hear you plan to post the rest of Magic Mail Chocolate, Shuden Elegy, Ichi Ni no San and Mousou One-Room! Yay! These are one of my favorite projects! can’t wait! ^_^

  4. Thank you so much for the first chapters and for your hard work!
    Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to akero, Tama and RenLenox.

  5. Thank you for picking up this slice-of-life manga.
    I totally agreed on Koisuru Intelligence as the evil manga *giggles*
    Just reading all the theories in that manga made me dizzy. Keep up the awesome job.

  6. Thank you for the new project!

  7. Belated Happy Birthday Tama-chan, RenLenox and Happy Birthday Akero!!
    Thank you for the releases!

  8. Thank you very much for your hard work and the 1st two chapters of this wonderful series, I’m looking forward to read!!

    I wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  9. Thank you so much for the new releases ^^ New projects are always welcome hahaha 😀
    It is a little late but Happy New Year! ^^ and Happy (Belated) Birthday to all the members that have their DoB in Jan <3

  10. Thanks for the new manga series!

  11. Thank you 🙂
    Happy 2016 to you too!! ^^

  12. Thank you so much.
    Happy New Year!

  13. Thanks a lot and greetings to Tama, RenLenox and Akero!

  14. Thanks for this new series, a belated Happy New Year, and happy (belated) birthday to Tama, RenLenox and Akero!

  15. thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

  16. Happy Birthday Tama-chan, RenLenox and akero!
    Thank you very much for the release!

  17. Thanks so much! I’m super happy with 68 releases a year, but double is always twice as much fun! Haha

  18. Happy Birthday to Tama-chan, RenLenox & akero! best wishes!
    wow! new series! Thank you so much for the releases! ^^

  19. Thank you very much. As far as how fast/many, you’ve been doing more than one a week, which is quite a lot, actually. Don’t burn out because you feel others are demanding more/faster.

  20. Thank you very much. A belated Happy New Year, and happy birthday to Tama, RenLenox and Akero

  21. Thank you very much for this new project and (Belated) Happy Birthday Tama-chan, RenLenox and Akero!!

  22. Thank you so much for the update and new series!!!

  23. Thank you very much.

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