[Release] Danshi Koukouseiteki Kazoku Keikaku! Ch1

Title: Danshi Koukouseiteki Kazoku Keikaku! | A Typical High School Boy’s Family Plan! | 男子高生的家族計画!
Author/Artist: Umiyuki Lily
Rating: PG

Summary: Hino-kun is good-looking and a rumored delinquent. Actually, he is a kind-hearted high school student who looks after his young nephew. He can see that Mizusawa-kun is good at making sweets so for the sake of his fatherless nephew, he asks him to, “Please marry my older sister!” But instead, he receives a reverse proposal from Mizusawa saying, “I want to marry you.”…?!

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Note: Happy happy haaaapppy 3rd Anniversary CM!!! Today is the actual anniversary!! Wow, it’s been 3 years! Time really fly so fast. I wanna thank all the staff members for all the hard work they did despite being so busy. I hope CM will last for many many maaaany more years lol.

I wanna thank Fantaisy  and others from Michi Yujo as they are the ones who offered this joint-ish project (though they’re doing French version) and provided us raws and cleans.  And yes! Another Umiyuki Lily’s work (right after we finished Mousou One-Room lol). I actually wanted to release this as a whole volume but since I’m QCing/typing a chapter per day, I couldn’t get into the following chapters of this orz so I’ll just release this chapter by chapter. And since it’s CM’s anniversary today, I’ll release another new series later. ♥


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