[Release] Do Do Do S-Kyuu Kareshi Ch1


Title: Do Do Do S-Skyuu Kareshi | He is an Ultimate Sadist | ドドドS級彼氏
Author/Artist: Aoyama Alto
Rating: NC-17
 Fujoshi Bitches

Summary: The super elite of the systems development department, the super sadistic section chief, Maezono Tamaki… is actually a super masochist. For the sake of doing his job efficiently, he has been earnestly concealing his real nature. However, Tamaki has a subordinate who confessed to him and wasn’t crushed, even when he shouted at him. Since then, he has been conscious of his subordinate, Sano, and continues to commit mistakes while working.

“I accept the punishment.”

Once, Sano started slapping Tamaki’s ass while smiling cheerfully…?! Is this guy an ultimate sadist with a puppy face?!

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Note: The cover fooled me. Haha hope you enjoy this erotic comedy manga! Also this is a joint with Fujoshi Bitches~! tumblr_mc466u91vw1qdlkyg


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