[Release] Flaver Ch2

Title: Flaver | Flavor | フレイバー
Author/Artist: Sachimo
Rating: NC-17
 Fujoshi Bitches

Summary: Shimojou can have whatever he wants but deep down finds life boring. Constantly searching for a thrill, he wanders off the path of an elite and descends into life as a yakuza-like lowlife. Nonetheless, he moves forward as if life were an easy game. Then one day, he comes across a man who’s a filthy piece of garbage. This is the man, who during their youth, was the only person who has given Shimojou the taste of defeat: Kuze. The sudden arrival of this fallen Kuze irritates Shimojou. Trying to ignore his complicated feelings of unhappiness and nostalgia, unexpected words come flying out of Shimojou’s mouth. “If you’re doing this for money, how about letting me keep you as a pet, then?” An intellectual ersatz yakuza lowlife and a homeless parasitic piece of garbage, their life together begins again, but just where will the future lead them…?

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Note: WHOA! Sorry sorry sooorryyy long time no release!!! (´;д;`) I was kinda busy with some things… plus… Senbura and B-Project happened…….. lol… it’s been like a month or so since the last release!! And cause of that, wasn’t able to greet the members who celebrated their birthdays last month!! So super belated happy birthday Mel, Zoenna, WindWisp, Jin, Kitsuneko, Minyaré, JoAl and ShichiRei (but I forgot to put her name in the greeting page omg sorry orz). Also belated happy birthday to アリア様!! But yay chapter 2 of this manga… actually FB mostly did the work I’m sorry I’m so useless (´;ω;`) so make sure to thank them!!! Anyway, I think I’ll be busy and prolly won’t be able to release much too this month (but I’ll try) cause next month is our anniversary month (I can’t believe it’s our 4th anniv!!) so… I’m gonna prepare anniversary releases (hopefully). Okay I’m rambling again… bye!!! (ˊᗜˋ)و


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