[Release] Flaver Ch4 & Katakoi Gokko Ch2

Title: Flaver | Flavor | フレイバー
Author/Artist: Sachimo
Rating: NC-17
 Fujoshi Bitches

Summary: Shimojou can have whatever he wants but deep down finds life boring. Constantly searching for a thrill, he wanders off the path of an elite and descends into life as a yakuza-like lowlife. Nonetheless, he moves forward as if life were an easy game. Then one day, he comes across a man who’s a filthy piece of garbage. This is the man, who during their youth, was the only person who has given Shimojou the taste of defeat: Kuze. The sudden arrival of this fallen Kuze irritates Shimojou. Trying to ignore his complicated feelings of unhappiness and nostalgia, unexpected words come flying out of Shimojou’s mouth. “If you’re doing this for money, how about letting me keep you as a pet, then?” An intellectual ersatz yakuza lowlife and a homeless parasitic piece of garbage, their life together begins again, but just where will the future lead them…?

Download: mediafire || mega
Read Online: chapter 4

Title: Katakoi Gokko | One-sided Love Affair | 片恋ごっこ
Author/Artist: Hyuuga Seiryou
Rating: NC-17
 Fujoshi Bitches

Summary: Ryou, who’s always been yearning for his deceased father’s best friend and doctor, Kougami, decides to confess his love after he becomes a university student. He was sure his confession would turn out to be a disaster, but they somehow end up dating?! A smooth sailing love story sinks into rocky waves since the only thing Kougami talks about is Ryou’s father, Shun.

Download: mediafire || mega
Read Online: chapter 2

Note: Whoa, literally long time no post! Hello! This is really super late but belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Guys! Hope you had a very nice holiday! (//´/◒/`//)

I feel bad and ashamed… it’s been like 3 months since we last release. This is the first time I neglected the group this much orz I  mean usually I post at least 1 release per month  but the past few months… totally none orz anyway I really have a lot of things to say but I’ll save that for later and will make this short. About Katakoi Gokko… wow the first chapter we released was  back in May 2015 omg but a lot of things happened and we decided to just continue this project with Fujoshi Bitches (it was previously a joint project with Indigo Scanlations) so hopefully we can actually finish this soon.

I still have no laptop so I’m really having a hard time to keep this up but I’ll try my best, I hope you guys will still support us despite that. Belated happy birthday to Tama and akero and happy birthday (tomorrow) to mariett4991! (btw in the insert greeting page *my angel Kyo*, I misspelled January to Jamuary lol pls ignore that lolol)


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