[Release] Gintama Doujinshi – Give Love

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Title: Give Love
Fandom: Gintama
Author/Artist: LOVEPOTION NO.9/Ichinomiya Shihan
Pairing: Hijikata x Gintoki, (slight) Hasegawa x Gintoki
Rating: NC-17
Joint: Yaoi Toshokan

Summary: Gintoki and Hijikata are friends with benefits. One night, as Gintoki goes out for a drink with Hasegawa, he witnesses Hijikata walking down the street together with a maiko. And the very same night, a drunk Gintoki wants to sleep with Hasegawa. However, Hijikata comes in running just at the crucial moment, and about to happen next is…?!

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Note: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh 1 day to go!!!


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  1. thank you guys you’re the best gintokiiiiiii, at least i want him to be happy in doujinshis after what happened to him in the manga….sob sob

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