[Release] Gondwana no Nemuri Ch2-3


Title: Gondwana no Nemuri | Gondwana’s Slumber | ゴンドワナの眠り
Author/Artist: Aoi Aki
Rating: PG

Summary: On a class trip to a museum, Kasama takes notice of his classmate Takagi, who he knows doesn’t talk to other people much. But as the latter enters a curiously shining door and realizes Takagi can see “it” as well, even his interest in the classmate is woken.


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Note: Today is CM’s 2nd anniversary!!! It’s been like almost a year since we last posted the first chapter of this series. Really sorry about that! But here you go!

Things didn’t go as I planned since got busy in real life problems… so can only release these 2 chapters for now… but the celebration releases will still continue until the end of the month. 🙂


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