[Release] Hanakoi Tsurane Ch12 + Extras

Title: Hanakoi Tsurane | Dance of Love | 初恋つらね
Author/Artist: Natsume Isaku
Rating: PG

Summary: The self-destructive type, Sougorou is the heir of one of the well-known families in Kabuki world. He has no interests in other actors his age with the exception of Gensuke who he recognizes as his rival and never wants to lose to no matter what. However, fate plays a cruel trick on him and the two of them end up as classmates… How will their relationship develop…?!


Extra (vol.2): mediafire || mega
Chapter 12:
 mediafire || mega
Chapter 12.1: mediafire || mega

Read Online: extra (vol.2)  || chapter 12 || chapter 12.1

Ch6-11 + Extra: mediafire || mega (download of whole volume 2)

Note: Phew, okay I guess I was able to keep my promise to release Hanakoi Tsurane this month? Though I guess I said before the month ends but it’s the last day of January haha. Anyway, reason why took me much longer to release chapter 12 is because I was waiting for the extra of volume 2 and I can’t release chapter 12 without releasing that first and before I knew it, it’s been months woops. So I decided to just release all at the same time along with the compilation of volume 2. So chapter 12 is the start of volume 3. Chapter 12.1 is actually part of chapter 12 in the magazine but it’s a crossover extra of Ameiro Paradox (yes Kaburagi and Onoe!) so I decided to separate it and made it 12.1 (I dunno what chapter number will it be in the tanko but anyhoo) sorry I know no one cares in my explanation anyway lmao so just enjoy!! We are couple of chapters behind but rest assured we are working on it already! (=´◡`=)

Oh, right. Before I forget! In chapter 7, I realized late that the one released before was missing about 2 pages. Nothing big but it’s missing the chapter cover and page 1. So I just included that in the compiled volume 2 link. Okay I guess that’s it. Special thanks to curidreams for the covers of volume 2. And… belated happy birthday to Leimaymay! (⁰▿⁰)

Note agaaaain: I wanna apologize those who are emailing us in our email and dun get any responses, I haven’t really checked the mail in months I’m so sorry… I’ll get into it… when I’m not stressed anymore… I’m really sorry orz


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