[Release] Hanakoi Tsurane Ch28

Title: Hanakoi Tsurane | Dance of Love | 花恋 つらね

Author/Artist: Natsume Isaku
Rating: +18

Summary: The self-destructive type, Sougorou is the heir of one of the well-known families in Kabuki world. He has no interests in other actors his age with the exception of Gensuke who he recognizes as his rival and never wants to lose to no matter what. However, fate plays a cruel trick on him and the two of them end up as classmates… How will their relationship develop…?!

Chapter 28
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Note: Hi! Good morning!

Here we are again with a new chapter, and we are (slowly but steadily) approaching the end of volume 5. Stay tuned and fasten your seatbelts because there are bumps ahead!

Gensuke is having a bad time due to Kuma’s criticising. Aaaah, poor baby… Let’s hope someone comforts him *blink blink*

Well, I have a bit of bad news. The reader is down. So not only you can’t read online any of the old chapters, but I also can’t upload this. I’m trying to solve it, but I promise nothing, solving it may not depend on me, sorry. If things don’t work out, I’ll try to find a new way to read online, don’t worry;)
On the other hand, you can download it and read it. The mega links are still up and working.

And now to the “thank yous”. First, let’s welcome Toshirodragon as the new proofreader, welcome to Hanakoi!!
Adamay is still doing a great job translating, I’m so, so grateful!!
And Hoka, I love your scans, specially the colour ones, those double pages are wonderful!!

Well, enjoy 😉


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