[Release] Hanakoi Tsurane Ch31+32

Title: Hanakoi Tsurane | Dance of Love | 花恋 つらね

Author/Artist: Natsume Isaku
Rating: +18

Summary: The self-destructive type, Sougorou is the heir of one of the well-known families in Kabuki world. He has no interests in other actors his age with the exception of Gensuke who he recognizes as his rival and never wants to lose to no matter what. However, fate plays a cruel trick on him and the two of them end up as classmates… How will their relationship develop…?!

Chapter 31
Read Online: chapter 31

Chapter 32
Read Online: chapter 32

Note: Happy Valentine’s! Didn’t I tell you that I’d see you soon?

I just learned that yesterday was Single’s day. I had no idea!! But I think that a quarrel between Gensuke and Sougo on that day is perfect only if they kiss and make-up afterwards, right?

I know you’ll enjoy this two chapters, I’m sure, I know many of you have seen the spoilers already 😉
Only the extra is left to finish volume 5, but I wanted to do a release today, I think those chapters fit the day. Perfectly.

I want to thank Hoka, Adamay, Toshirodragon and Rei. Thank you all for bearing with me your patience is limitless 😉
And a huge and special thanks to blcolorings (you can find her wonderful art and tutorials here: blcolorings.tumblr.com) who has prepared a nice and precious present for today. You’re amazing!! Hope you all love it as well!!

Have a nice day and spread the love 😉


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  12. omgomgomgomg I just finished 4 chapters in one go and and and


    But I’m sure everything’s gonna work out in the end – I still remember a similar kind of cliffhanger a couple of chapters ago with the photographer

    I still love how sensei develops the characters and I cant wait to see where this is going next – also, more about the Grandparents please and thank you

    Thank you all for your hard work and happy belated V-day, I guess

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