[Release] Hananusubito Ch1


Title: Hananusubito | The Flower Theft | 花盗人
Author/Artist: Izumi Katsura/Kaneda Shoutarou
Rating: PG

Summary: Mizushima, a florist shop staff, wanders into a big mansion’s garden because he’s attracted to the flowers there. Fujisawa, who lives alone in that mansion, suddenly came to request for a flower arrangement from him. Upon arriving at Fujisawa’s mansion again, Mizushima is caressed by him…

Is he only playing around with Mizushima? What are his true intentions?

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Read Online: chapter 1

Note: New series! 😀


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  1. Thank you !!
    THe first chapter was quite interesting, loking forward to the rest of the story

  2. a New Manga.. 113 Ongoing BL manga added 1..
    This actually fun 😀 thank you so much

  3. love it !! thanks a bunch

  4. ooooh! looks so interesting – thank you!

  5. Thanks a lot, A love story with beautiful art, thanks a thousand :***

  6. thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes &regards.

  7. Oh I’ve never heard of this mangaka! Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Thank you very much for the start of this new story

  9. Thank you for the new mangá!!

  10. 😀 New project!!! Thank you so much for sharing.

  11. Thank you very much for new release!!~)

  12. Thank you so much.

  13. Thanks so much for the new manga series!

  14. Thanks so much. I love your new project choices

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  17. Thank you so much for the release

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  20. I cannot believe I missed this release. Thank you so much!!!

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