[Release] Houkago no Fujun Ch1

Title: Houkago no Fujun | After School Impurity | 放課後の不純
Author/Artist: Kajigaya Michiru
Rating: PG
 Fujoshi Bitches

Summary: In a classroom after school, Sawaki of the Athletics club and Mizutani of the going home club practically almost never spoke to one another before then. Their relationship started by an intense kiss by Sawaki. In a locked-room infirmary, library, home, and school trip… They deepen their love timidly but passionately. A story about secret lovers that will move your heart endlessly!

Download: mediafire || mega
Read Online: chapter 1

Note: A new series and a joint with Fujoshi Bitches again! I wanna thank Crys for all the hard work. Hope you enjoy!


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    By the way, I think there’s a problem with the reader site? I checked out the read online section for this series and there were only 5 pages in there…

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