[Release] Hyakunen Kesshou Mokuroku Ch5

Hyakunen Ch5 WP

Title: Hyakunen Kesshou Mokuroku | A Hundred-Year Crystal Catalogue | 百年結晶目録
Author/Artist: Aoi Aki
Rating: PG

Summary: Bent, who gathers minerals as a sample for his research, goes to the Akkrum mines which has been closed for a long time. Then, he saw a young person inside it who suddenly collapsed. The boy’s name was Iris. Using minerals as his food, the color of the boy’s pupil glistens with rainbow colors…

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Note: Last chapter!


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  2. ika-san! thanks for this final chapter. too bad it is short. i was hoping it will end in 2 or 3 more chapters.
    thanks ika-san and the team for bringing us this project.

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