[Release] Ichi Ni no San! Ch3


Title: Ichi Ni no San! | One, Two, Three! | いちにのさん!
Author/Artist: Okuyama Puku
Rating: PG

Summary: While messing around with each other in junior high school, Choco groped Bun’s chest, who is his best friend. From then on, Bun has been harbouring impure feelings for Choco. But Choco, being naive as usual, straightforwardly declared, “Bun-chan, I like you!” 

Bun knows perfectly well that he meant it in a platonic way. Still, he can’t help feeling depressed. To save their friendship, Bun tries his best to hide his true feelings from Choco.

A story of dealing with one’s pure heart and desires. ♡ Where will these ulterior motives lead to?!

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Note: Happy birthday, Sareru! Today is her birthday! (*゚ヮ゚*)


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  1. Thanks for the release, and a happy birthday to Sareru!

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  5. Thanks so much and happy birthday Sareru!

  6. I… I can’t handle how cute this manga is. It feels so natural, the drawing style is so natural – it reminds me of Miyazaki, in the way that it catches those little moments, those little poses, certain expressions. I love the way the drawing style goes from very detailed to cute and chibi, but it’s so accurate in portraying certain expressions and moods and movements that I’m just in awe. Plus it’s adorable as all get-out. Thank you guys for bringing this gem to us, and happy birthday, Sareru!

  7. Thank you very much for the new chapter!~)

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    Happy Birthday, Sareru!

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  10. Thank you very much for athe release! it’s a very cute story. ^_^

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  14. Happy Birthday Sareru!
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  18. Happy Birthday, Sareru!
    And thank you very much for the chapter!

  19. Thank you so much for the release and happy birthday, Sareru! 🙂

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