[Release] Inu to Tsubame Ch1-5 + Extra

Title: Inu to Tsubame | Dogs and Swallows | 犬とつばめ
Author/Artist: Amagakure Gido
Rating: PG

Summary: Kaede is still mourning the loss of his brother when he is suddenly reunited with his childhood friend, Noro. As they get closer, Kaede shares his suspicion that he may have caused his brother’s death. After hearing this, Noro recommends animal therapy and lets Kaede use him as a pet dog. But one day, the dog suddenly kisses his owner…?

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Note: A whole volume series?! What’s the occasion?! Nothing, really, lol. Tbh, I was planning to release this waaay back in our anniversary month last August. But couldn’t make it on time so got pushed back to Christmas release. But still didn’t make it on time, so got pushed back again last Valentine’s Day. Yet again, couldn’t make it on time!! Then, for real, decided to release it on March 14 for White Day but couldn’t wait anymore so I’m releasing it now lmao. Happy reading!!! (///ˊㅿˋ///)


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  3. Thank you for sharing this complete manga.

  4. it was sad ut beautiful story. Thank you guys for sharing! I wish someone would also scanlate Misshitsu no Hisoka na Hoshi.

  5. Thank you so muh for feeding us with such a substantial release ! I’m so grateful !

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  11. SO awesome! THANK YOU!!!

  12. Aw ~ ♡ I’ve not read this one yet. Just… I’m so happy!! —- to get the whole volume all at once!, since it means there’re no cliff-hangers and we can read it to our hearts’ content. Ehehe~ Thank you for all your hard work! Thank you so much. Really. >w<

    • Okay, I think you are one of the most amazing people I know and I do&728#1n;t really even know you. I find your blog extremly inspiring, thank you for taking the time to do it.

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  23. Ivan Crane Henrick

    Thank you very much for scanlating this. I loved the story very much. I do feel sorry for his older brother though. I wished he didn’t die.

  24. thank you so much for this cute release

  25. This was such a good story. Thank you!

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  41. Thank you very much for this sweet & a little sad story. I really greedily wanted more of the side characters but this was really great and perfect just like you guys!!! Thanks again 🙂

    • You’re welcome! Glad that lots of people came to love this manga. It’s sad that it doesn’t have continuation or at least a spin-off story of the other pairing. 🙁

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