[Release] Joushi to Ore no Himitsu Ch1-5 + Extra


Title: Joushi to Ore no Himitsu | The Secret Between Me and My Boss | 上司と俺のヒミツ
Author/Artist: Minase Masara
Rating: R

Summary: Nagato Hiroki got drunk in college and made a mistake one night with a guy he’d never met. He’s learned his lesson from the humiliation of being taken by a man and changed to a plainer image so that he doesn’t get found out by that man in case they ever meet again. Since he’s become a working man, he hasn’t been drinking or playing around, resigning himself to a serious and quiet existence. However, one day, he realizes that the high-powered man assigned from the head office as his new boss is that man, Kurosawa Naoya, and his peaceful, ordinary life takes a sudden turn. Kurosawa says he’s been looking for him, and though Hiroki desperately tries to deny it, he’s confronted with proof that they slept together: a mole in an intimate area that he didn’t even know about…?!

With just one mistake, my life has become unbelievable.

Is this the start of a relationship full of mistakes with my boss?!

Download: mediafire || mega
Read Online: chapter 1 || chapter 2 || chapter 3 || chapter 4 || chapter 5 || chapter 5.5

Note: Today, we give you a new series and another finished project… all in one-go lol. Enjoy!!! And for people wondering, the exact date of our 2nd anniversary is on the 14th! (*゚ヮ゚*)


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  1. omg guys omg just fabulous, love you guys

  2. sugoi na ♥ awhole finished story ⊙﹏⊙sankyu f ur hardworks, happy anniversary(^.<)♥

  3. Thank you for the release!^^

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  4. OMG!! Thank you very much for the complete project!!
    I really like Manara Minase!!! <3
    Have a great week!!

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  8. That was such an adorable story! And congratulations on your anniversary 🙂

  9. Thanks for the completion of this project and the single volume download.

  10. Thank you very much for this new release of Minase Masara’s completed series and Happy Anniversary, once again!!^_^

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    thanks a lot for your great work

  17. Thank you very much for your hard work and this wonderful release, I’m looking forward to read!!

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  21. Thank you so much for all the hard work and awesome release. You guys are the best!

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  23. Thank you very much for the release!!

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  25. This project is awesome! Many thanks! I can’t wait to read it!

  26. Wow! A whole volume in one go?! You’re amazing, thank you!

    I hope you have a wonderful week!

  27. Thanks so much for a whole volume! Minase Masara is one of my first fave mangakas and is always a must read. Really appreciate all the hard work that went into this and again, thanks for sharing!

  28. thanks so much for the new release! and of the whole volume too!! so happy i can read it all in one go!! <3

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  30. Thank you so much for this manga!!!

  31. Happy Anniversary and thank you for a completed project!

  32. One volume release!?!?!? I feel truly blessed, thank you for your hardwork, team! Endless kudos for you

  33. Thank you very much. I am a fan of Minase sensei.

  34. Yay! A completed project! owo Thank you very much!

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  36. Thank you very much!! A full volume at once!! Can’t wait to read it ~)

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