[Release] Kachou Fuugetsu Ch13

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Title: Kachou Fuugetsu | 花鳥風月
Author/Artist: Shimizu Yuki
Rating: PG

Summary: “It’s you who killed him, —- Daiki.”

Sabato is the town chairman of the town where Ito’s living as well as his landlord. Wearing suspicious black clothes from head to toe, he always holds a live “meeting” every morning. Sabato, who always surprises Ito, made a promise with Daiki, a potter who has a workshop in the town. Their promise is to kiss only once a day.

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Note: Only 2 more chapters before we finish volume 2! Putting that aside, we are looking for Japanese raws of Houkago no Fujun by Kajigaya Michiru. If ever you have it or know someone who owns it, please email us at canismajor.scans@gmail.com. Thank you very much!! (=´◡`=)


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