[Release] Kachou Fuugetsu Ch14

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Title: Kachou Fuugetsu | 花鳥風月
Author/Artist: Shimizu Yuki
Rating: PG

Summary: “It’s you who killed him, —- Daiki.”

Sabato is the town chairman of the town where Ito’s living as well as his landlord. Wearing suspicious black clothes from head to toe, he always holds a live “meeting” every morning. Sabato, who always surprises Ito, made a promise with Daiki, a potter who has a workshop in the town. Their promise is to kiss only once a day.

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Note: OMG is it passed midnight?? DAMN. Whatever, anyway, I’ll edit the mediafire link later maybe, I’m not done uploading. I’m trying to chase time. Ugh okay it’s passed midnight ugh ugh ugh ugh… I didn’t make it on time. :/

Anyway, sorry it’s been so long since we last posted a chapter of this manga! We’ll try to make it faster…. soon idk what I’m saying anymore. I should sleep. Okay good night. Btw, asakgknajsgkj this chapter kangskngksg okay no stop… I need Kurose.


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