[Release] Kachou Fuugetsu Ch15

Title: Kachou Fuugetsu | 花鳥風月
Author/Artist: Shimizu Yuki
Rating: PG

Summary: “It’s you who killed him, —- Daiki.”

Sabato is the town chairman of the town where Ito’s living as well as his landlord. Wearing suspicious black clothes from head to toe, he always holds a live “meeting” every morning. Sabato, who always surprises Ito, made a promise with Daiki, a potter who has a workshop in the town. Their promise is to kiss only once a day.

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Note: Merry Christmas to all of you (belated-ish I guess). Sorry couldn’t release anything on Christmas day. My plan was totally ruined lol :’D

But anyway, I’ll just release the supposedly Christmas releases in next few days maybe. And, we’re already in volume 3!! Yay. Also, reminds me, I made a mistake in the compiled volume 2 download ugh. Sorry. In the revised chapter 8, I accidentally turned off the text layer in one of the speech bubbles in page 10 lol orz orz and while I’m it, I edited the volume 2 cover as well (made the Japanese title into English).

I already fixed it but still uploading (in mediafire) so I’ll just edit the download link again when it’s done (in the Kachou Fuugetsu page) but here’s the mega link. Have a nice day! ☆~(ゝ。∂)


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