[Release] Kami-sama Onegai! Ch2


Title: Kami-sama Onegai! | Kami-sama, Please! | 神様おねがい!
Author/Artist: Mio Junta
Rating: PG
 Yaoi Is Life

Summary: It’s been 3 months since Aoba, a year high school student, started going out with his classmate, Takahiro. Compared to Takahiro who’s popular and cheerful, Aoba is tongue-tied, so he’s always worried that Takahiro might get fed up with him. One day, on their first shrine visit of the New Year, after wishing to always be by Takahiro’s side… he grows cat ears and a tail the next day―?!

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Note: Here’s chapter 2! Enjoy! 😀


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