[Release] Koiike Ch2

Title: Koiike | Love Pond | コイイケ
Author/Artist: Shishito Karari
Rating: PG

Summary: Omoigabuchi, a pond with a story: “If two people go in together, those two people will be bound to each other.” The story of three couples who get dragged into the love pond’s story of creating love has been drawn in Shishito Karari’s Legend of LOVE!

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Note: Here’s chapter 2! Also, just a reminder, if you have any inquiries (like retranslation requests or application or something), please email us and not message us on tumblr or facebook as I don’t really have the time to answer individually nor have the time to check them (cause I’m already busy with a lot of things) so please email us instead and follow the format (in our retranslation/recruitment page). Thank you!


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