[Release] Koiike Ch5

Title: Koiike | Love Pond | コイイケ
Author/Artist: Shishito Karari
Rating: R

Summary: Omoigabuchi, a pond with a story: “If two people go in together, those two people will be bound to each other.” The story of three couples who get dragged into the love pond’s story of creating love has been drawn in Shishito Karari’s Legend of LOVE!

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Ch1-5: mediafire || mega (or download of whole volume)

Note: Okay, finally the last chapter! Thanks to sync and everyone who worked on this series. I say last chapter, but there’s actually a sequel. Actually 2 sequels. Kimi ni Mata Koi ga Kuru (Tetsuji and Shuu) and Ohoshi-sama Kira Kira (Munakata and Chika). Well, I think it’s a continuation story of Tetsuji and Shuu and Munakata and Chika (since the cover looks like them?). Anyway, not sure if we’re gonna pick those up for now. If someone will provide the raws, then that would be nice and we can start on it soon. ╰(*´︶`*)╯


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