[Release] Koisuru Intelligence Ch1


Title: Koisuru Intelligence | Love Intelligence | 恋するインテリジェンス
Author/Artist: Tange Michi
Rating: NC-17

Summary: The Intelligence and Analysis Bureau of the N country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an organization that mainly conducts intelligence assessments. One of its missions is called “honey trap.” Male analysts in the ministry are divided into “male roles” and “female roles” – they then get paired up as “buddies” and carry out secret trainings night after night!!

The chief analyst, Haryuu’s “buddy” is Todou Mao, a beauty who joined at the same time as him. During their first night of training, Haryuu loses his self-control because of Todou’s charm, and ever since then, their relationship has become awkward―?!

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Note: Finally!!! We’re proud to present this new series (yet again lol). I just wanna praise everyone who worked really hard to complete this chapter: Jerboa, Emy, Faelan and myself ୧( ˵ ° ~ ° ˵ )୨since this manga is not the usual manga we always handle (in terms of editing and translation – too much sfxs and hard to read words :’D). I secretly call this manga “the evil manga” but we hope you will enjoy it!!! tumblr_inline_mgpc46nJiD1qdlkyg


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  1. Omg!!! I was dying to read this manga *O*
    I can’t believe!!! waaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. Thanks very much for all your hard work dealing with all the Sfx. Looking forward to reading.

  3. WOW! I’ve been waiting for this since drama CD was released!
    Thank you so much for picking up this title!

  4. The SFXs and dialogues are pain in the ass T^T I can’t believe that you guys have done such a brilliant job with this manga *hats off to the wonderful ladies*

    Thank you very much for your hard works *hugs*

    • Thank you!!! Yeah, I really salute the translator for translating it. Usually when translators translate, it’s only around more or less than 20 pages in word doc. But this one, it was over SIXTY PAGES lol

      Thanks again! 😀

  5. thanks a lot for sharing…

    • Thank you! Is Tange Michi in anyway related to Watanabe Asia? The art is little similar.
      Sorry for my english

      • I saw someone said the same thing but I don’t think Tange Michi is related to Watanabe Asia (well not sure yet) but this is Tange Michi’s first work so… I guess their art just kinda looks the same… :3

  6. Thank you so much. Looks really sexy :3

  7. Thank you very much, I was wondering if any group would ever pick up this title.

  8. thank you so much

  9. Thank you very much for picking up this fabulous manga guys!!^_^

  10. Thank you very much for all your work and the 1st chapter, I’m looking forward to read!!

  11. thank you for the release. your hard work is much appreciated. until we meet again best wishes & regards.

  12. oh my thank you for picking up this one!!! i never thought it would be picked by any group bcs of the amount of the text www thank you!

  13. sankyu f d “evil manga”(^.<)♡
    ika,Jerboa, Emy, Faelan

  14. Thank you very much! <3

  15. And to everyone, I’m sorry if I don’t really reply to all comments (cause kinda busy) but I always read them and I really appreciate it so much! Thank you for all the support!! (´。• ᵕ •。`)

  16. Thank you very much!!

  17. Ooh, looks interesting already from the pretty cover image 😀 Thanks for the new series!

  18. Ooo very intriguing! Thanks a ton to everyone!

  19. Thanks so much!

  20. Thank you very much.

  21. тндйк[○´・ω・]人[・ω・`●] уoц

  22. Thank you very much for the first chapter and for all your great and hard work! ♥

  23. Thankyou!

  24. Thank you for the release!^^

  25. Thanks so much for the new manga series! I can’t wait to read it!

  26. Thank you I like this manga >< I also by original.

  27. Thank you very much for the first chapter of this manga
    I saw not long ago the raws of volume 1 and 2, and didn’t think someone would clean all those sfx
    You did a wonderful job, really! 😀

  28. Thank you very much for the release!

  29. Oh this one looks really cool!
    Thank you for all of your work!
    Thank you Jerboa, Emy and Faelan!!

  30. This looks really interesting. Thanks for working on it!

  31. I was waiting for someone to pick up this series. Thank you very much for picking it up! Love it!!

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