[Release] Koisuru Intelligence Ch2


Title: Koisuru Intelligence | Love Intelligence | 恋するインテリジェンス | The formula falls in love with the falcon
Author/Artist: Tange Michi
Rating: NC-17

Summary: As an employee of the House of Representatives, Madoka is busy everyday. Domon, his colleague from another department, is a handsome, high-achieving super elite who’s always looking out for him. Madoka, finding it hard to deal with Domon’s flirtatious personality, refuses to become closer to him. By a stroke of luck, Domon suddenly gets the chance to help Madoka… But their “biggest” obstacle in their near future is…?! A sweet and erotic love comedy between bureaucrats!

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Note: This time it’s a different pairing (related from the book cover page in chapter 1 www). Anyway! Wanna praise again the people who worked really hard to complete this chapter: Zoenna, Jerboa, Melly, Del, Minyaré (she really did a great job in redrawing. Seriously.) and Emy for helping me double QCing it! And then Faelan and Jerboa for the summary!!!

Don’t worry, it’s not a collection of oneshots (just a lot of different pairings) lol.


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