[Release] Konya mo Jirettai Ch6-7


Title: Konya mo Jirettai | Can’t Wait Until Tonight | 今夜もじれったい
Author/Artist: Kitazawa Jinko/Asada Meiko
Rating: PG

Summary: One day, a young man is found unconscious outside the shared-household where Ayato lives. Despite the warnings of one of his housemates, Ayato lets the person live with them temporarily. It turns out that the young man is Ryou, who used to be Ayato’s childhood friend back when he was two years old. Both of them had previously been separated since eleven years ago, but are now reunited.

Ayato, filled with happiness as he reminisces about their early memories, is gradually drawn to Ryou. However, Ryou appears to be glum with melancholy, as if he’s hiding something important…?!

We present to you a fresh new story of innocent affection! A Secret Love Story set under the same roof!


Chapter 6: mediafire || mega
Chapter 7: mediafire || mega

Read Online: chapter 6  || chapter 7


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