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Title: Magic Mail Chocolate | マジックメールチョコレート
Author/Artist: Yuki Ringo
Rating: PG
Moi-xRyu Scanlations

Summary: “I’m sure there’ll be a person who likes Daisuke.”

The only one who has ever said that was his best friend, Take. He has never been confessed to by a girl for 17 years. God granted his wish on his 17th Valentine’s Day. A chocolate appeared inside his shoe box. He began exchanging mails with a girl for the first time.

Ah! His wonderful, rose-colored days have finally come! However, just when he thought he had finally become popular, an unexpected outcome waits ahead――.

Read Online: chapter 1

Note: Happy Valentine’s Day!!! tumblr_inline_mg0xqbsZPk1qdlkyg

We really waited for this day to release this… LOL JK. Nah but hope you guys will have a nice day today! While I spend my time playing Tourabu all alone /weeps.


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  1. Thanks for the new manga,keep up the good work

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    You are always with us in these important dates, thanks a lot and…
    Happy Valentine’s Day :*************

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  5. Many thanks to you and Moi-xRyu for all your hard work.

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    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  8. Ah, I forgot to comment yesterday but… THANK YOU CM FOR THE HARD WORK! Osu!

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  10. Thanks so much! This was super adorable! ♥

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  12. Magical Mail Chocolate was really adorable! Thank you for sharing this with us. 🙂

  13. This manga is good :'(
    Thank you so much :3

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