[Release] Magic Mail Chocolate Ch2


Title: Magic Mail Chocolate | マジックメールチョコレート | If a 29 year-old herbivore master gets locked on by a carnivore
Author/Artist: Yuki Ringo
Rating: R

Summary: Kouki who has quite an innocent face, is actually the carnivore type. He fell in love with a herbivore type, who is the owner of the bar (aka Master) he is currently working part-time at. Every day, he tries to attack the Master with every chance he gets and the Master somehow manages to get away every time. However, suddenly receiving a ticket to go to the hot spring, will his chastity be safe this time as well…?!

Read Online: chapter 2

Note: This series will no longer be a joint with Moi-xRyu Scanlations cause it seems Jaz (admin of MxR) is really busy these days. Anyway, hope you will enjoy chapter 2. It’s a different story. And yeah, no download link. But it’s available in our private community.

Also, belated happy birthday to rei1002 (Oct. 2nd) , Ashurii (Oct. 1st) and Levi Natah (Oct. 1st)!!! (ˊᗜˋ)و


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    Happy Birthday to Rei1002, Ashurii and Levi Natah!!

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