[Release] Magic Mail Chocolate Ch4

Title: Magic Mail Chocolate | マジックメールチョコレート | Weekly Love at the Teahouse Theatre
Author/Artist: Yuki Ringo
Rating: PG

Summary: Kurusu Takao, a well-known novelist, happens to see Kise, a beautiful young man at a café on a day he’s stuck with plots. For some reason, they get close and he lies to Kise that he’s an editor of an author that Kise likes. Kurusu slowly finds himself got attracted to Kise but then Kise finds out that he lies to him and the reason behind that is…?!

Read Online: chapter 4

Note: Ooh, it’s been really such a long time since we last posted a chapter of this series woops. Anyway, it’s a different story anyway (since it’s a collection of oneshots!) so enjoy! I think I actually like the story lol cause when I first saw the cover chapter, I was like “Ehh an old man!” but it’s actually good lol. Download of the chapter will be available in our private community!


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