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Title: Monster Petite Panic | モンスターぷちパニック
Author/Artist: Kanda Neko
Rating: PG

Summary: Suzuki Kojirou (his Kago is Efreet) is a member of the public morals committee at a high school which gathers a lot of students whose “Kago” powers are stronger than normal people.

But, for some reason, he’s being pestered everyday by the super beautiful president of the public morals committee, Asagiri Lauri, (his Kago is Leviathan) who always has to run around solving all kinds of problems within the school because of his strong power.

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Note: Another new series! And this time, by Kanda Neko-sensei! tumblr_inline_mgpbzqtR4f1qdlkyg


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    The description sounds a bit… odd, but if it’s Kanda Neko, it’s almost certainly full of win. :DDD

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    • When the cleaner is done cleaning the chapter u w u

      Translation and proofread are done tbh. I’m just waiting for the cleans so I can type it right away. u v u

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